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I'm bored. Ask me something.
mood: bored
music: none, just me.


If you came to my house right now and heard ABBA on the hi-fi and saw me through the glass front door dancing around the living room with no pants on, would you still knock and want to come in?

Even though I used the term HI-FI??

Who says I would KNOCK? I would dance my way right in! But I would keep my pants on, I think. Well maybe not. If it was a choice between my pants or my shirt, I would definitely lose the pants.

Indeed, getting in my front door requires the removal of one essential item of clothing.

If I pick you to be one of the five people I get stranded on a deserted island with, what one item would you bring along and why? (Let's just assume that somehow magically we don't have to be concerned with families or jobs or the million things on your to-do list. You just appear as if in an alternate reality on my deserted island.)

A Swiss Army knife of course! :D


Did you catch any fish? ;)


Three really nice ones, so far! :D


What's the most important thing you've learned so far in life? And, how did you learn it? Love, Lizardmom

MOST important? Hrmmm...I'm not sure I can prioritize any single one thing. There are so many! How about top three?

1) The effort you put into having a good relationship with your family members is totally worth it in the long run.

2) Beat procrastination over the head every chance you get. That doesn't mean you can never rest or be lazy, it just means you have to plan it in. ;)

3) Everything in moderation. Even moderation.

I never thought I'd hear you say you were bored! You don't have time to be bored! So here's a related question: How much time per day do you have down time. Minutes you can just flop in a chair and stare at the ceiling, read a book, or watch a TV show?

haha! I wasn't REALLY bored. Just not in the mood to do anything really. :) I would say that per day, the amount of downtime definitely varies, but on an average? 2-3 hours. More on weekends, depending as well. And I'm not counting the time I stay up reading in bed :)

HA! The hula! Reminds me of when I was twelve and my best friend and her dance pole! Don't ask.

What do you think is the meaning of life? Really. Do you know?


Nope, I don't know. 42? :P

But I think keys to it are figuring out what you love to do and doing it, surrounding yourself with people that make you happy and allow you to be your best self, and staying healthy.


why are you bored?

U. Johnnie

Done with everything on my to do list for the day, not ready for bed, didn't feel like reading at the moment. :P

From Megsie

Where is your favorite place, and what do you do there?

Also, I don't know why my RSS isn't working for you. Not only am I struggling to figure out how to write a blog, I have no idea about the technology either. I will ask at my next lesson. Since I have not written since last Wednesday, maybe that is why you haven't gotten any updates....I am working on it!

Re: From Megsie

My favorite place...hmmm, that's harder than I expected. My favorite country is Holland. My favorite place is my home. I love it. It's full of my stuff, and my loved ones and I'm comfortable there. I'd rather have people over to my place than go somewhere else.

Don't stress over your blog! That's the last thing we should be FUN, not an obligation that puts you under pressure!

Here is a question for you!

If you didn't know what age you were, what age would you be? :)


Re: Here is a question for you!

29 of course! :D

Just catchin' up on what I missed Thanksgiving week while I was away.

Who do you most admire?

Re: Just catchin' up on what I missed Thanksgiving week while I was away.

Oh hrm...that is the hardest question EVER. I admire so many people for so many things. My mom, my best friend Becky, my friend Debbie, Barack Obama, Mark Twain...the list is really rather long.

Re: Just catchin' up on what I missed Thanksgiving week while I was away.

OK, so we can throw the word "most" out of the question. I really don't know why I included it, cultural habit maybe. Myself, I detest those sorts of questions with "most" in them.
I like your answer. Long list.

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