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I got shot in the arm this evening. I have to say, I've been sort of dreading getting the H1N1 vaccination...I never get flu shots, I have always just taken my chances, but I guess something about a) the fact that if I did get sick with it, it would be 2-3 weeks of illness versus (hopefully) 1-2 days of potential side effects from the shot and b) how can you say no to getting a vaccination that the country you live in has bought for every single one of its residents? Not only did they do that, they also took the time to make up schedules for every person in the country AND send them a personalized letter of appointment to come in and get it. It would just be churlish to refuse, don't you think?

Also, don't you think churlish is a word that should be used more often? What a great word! Where have all the churls gone? Long time passing.

"Getting vaccinated" was my to-do list item for today, and since after I came home and fed the kids dinner while Anders was at IKEA picking up Martin's bookcase, they have all three gone to Scouts, leaving me in sole possession of the house for the next hour and a half, I suddenly find myself at loose ends. I'm not bored, like I was momentarily the other day (and by the way, thanks for the fun questions!), but I'm not feeling very motivated, though there are a ton of things I could no doubt be doing. I suspect that what I will do, once I have finished this post, is go Christmas shopping online, and get some of my first family presents dealt with.

We went to IKEA on Sunday, the first time we have braved the new behemoth of a store that opening not too long ago in Malmö. It's terrifyingly huge, and crowded and damned confusing. Luckily, we knew what we wanted and Martin turned out to be a whiz at reading the floor plan map and keeping us oriented, so we were able to get in and get out rather quickly. He now has a new desk slab (a 2-shelf affair that hooks onto the frame of his loft bed), a new dresser and the aforementioned bookcase. He is still in need of new bedding, curtains, and a rug. I have not posted photos because I have not taken any yet...the OCD in me wants the room to be FINISHED before I show off its magnificence to the world.

Plus, the other evening, when Anders was done painting the trees, I went to get his Nikon out of the camera bag, where it reposed, lens down in its padded pocket and upon lifting it up discovered that the lens was completely smashed. IN THE BAG. Anders had no idea how something could have happened to it while in the bag, but there it is.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Please don't tell me you're done!

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