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There's so much to be grateful for and to give thanks for that I don't even know where to start. Family, friends, health, work, ...EVERYTHING. I am blessed with goodness. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this! Mwah!


Clean bill of health at the dentist today. I am completely and totally amazed at how dental technology has changed and improved since I was a child. I don't think I've had anyone stick a needle in my gums in YEARS. I had a check up and cleaning today, and told the dentist that I've been worried about one of my left corner teeth because it's been growing very sensitive, especially to cold and once in awhile gives me a jolt of pain when I bite down on something. I had a filling put in last year, but she took xrays again and said the filling was still in place and there was no sign of a new cavity. So she put liquid plastic all around the base of the tooth and hardened it with an LED light and then added some kind of gel on top of that, and hey presto! it took literally minutes and was completely painless.


We are school shopping for Martin. He wants to go to a better school and we are all agreed that we don't want him to go to the county school in Löberöd next year. They start earlier with languages and other advanced curriculum in Lund's county, and we can switch him, even now in the middle of his sixth grade year, without having to pay anything, and that way he won't be too far behind all the other kids when he starts 7th grade, which he would if we waited until fall.

He and Anders went to an information meeting at Kunskapsskolan in Lund tonight and had a good impression. Next week he's spending the day at the Bi-lingual Montessori School in Lund (which is really close to my work and which we know has spots available) and then we'll see which one he chooses. Lots of reasons for making this decision but we think it's the right one.


New Moon tomorrow with Martin and a girlfriend. I'm looking forward to it, not least to going to the movies, which we do all too seldom.


My arm is still super tender from the vaccination. ow.
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