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There's so much to be grateful for and to give thanks for that I don't even know where to start. Family, friends, health, work, ...EVERYTHING. I am blessed with goodness. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this! Mwah!


Clean bill of health at the dentist today. I am completely and totally amazed at how dental technology has changed and improved since I was a child. I don't think I've had anyone stick a needle in my gums in YEARS. I had a check up and cleaning today, and told the dentist that I've been worried about one of my left corner teeth because it's been growing very sensitive, especially to cold and once in awhile gives me a jolt of pain when I bite down on something. I had a filling put in last year, but she took xrays again and said the filling was still in place and there was no sign of a new cavity. So she put liquid plastic all around the base of the tooth and hardened it with an LED light and then added some kind of gel on top of that, and hey presto! it took literally minutes and was completely painless.


We are school shopping for Martin. He wants to go to a better school and we are all agreed that we don't want him to go to the county school in Löberöd next year. They start earlier with languages and other advanced curriculum in Lund's county, and we can switch him, even now in the middle of his sixth grade year, without having to pay anything, and that way he won't be too far behind all the other kids when he starts 7th grade, which he would if we waited until fall.

He and Anders went to an information meeting at Kunskapsskolan in Lund tonight and had a good impression. Next week he's spending the day at the Bi-lingual Montessori School in Lund (which is really close to my work and which we know has spots available) and then we'll see which one he chooses. Lots of reasons for making this decision but we think it's the right one.


New Moon tomorrow with Martin and a girlfriend. I'm looking forward to it, not least to going to the movies, which we do all too seldom.


My arm is still super tender from the vaccination. ow.
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From Megsie

Good luck with the school shopping. I remember doing that before my oldest went to Kindergarten. It was stressful, until I actually made my decision. I made the right one, too. I love the elementary school my kids go to.

Sorry about your arm. My son still has a big old bruise on his from last weekend, but he hasn't complained.

I have heard that New Moon is pretty good. I never saw Twilight, and probably won't see any of the movies. I liked the books so much that the movies wouldn't be the same, and I know I would be disappointed.

Re: From Megsie

I'm glad I haven't had any other side effects, other than a slight headache the next day, but I'm really over knowing all the time that I have an upper arm, if you know what I mean! :P

I've heard pretty good things about New Moon as well, so I have slightly higher expectations that I might have otherwise, since I thought the first one was pretty silly, though I liked the casting choices, and thought they did a decent job of staying faithful to the book.

The movies AREN'T the same, but movie book adaptations never are. You have to sort of keep them separate in your head :)

My cousin went to Kunskapsskolan in Lund and he thrived in that environment. He loathed the regular county school he was in, partially because he was too bright and way ahead of his class mates, but also (I think) because he was bullied. He's a very special kid - doesn't necessarily follow the crowd and that wasn't approved of in his peer group.

Good luck to Martin! I hope you find a place where he'll enjoy school.

Also - I hear you on the tender arm after vaccination. I was sore Thursday afternoon-Sunday night (got the shot at Thursday lunch). Hope it's no worse than that.

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late) and have a great weekend!

Kunskapsskolan sounds very like Montessori to me, in several ways, and I also agree that it seems to be a good choice for bright kids that are more creative and able to work at their own pace. :)

I didn't know you were a Twilight fan! I really liked the books -- once I slogged through the first 300 pages and realized there was going to be a story in there after all :) -- but the first movie failed to impress. Let us know you you like New Moon!

The first movie was just silly, though I did like some of it, and I liked the casting choices. I've heard this one is better...we'll see! :)

As a teenager I always wanted to go to a bi-lingual school, but those weren't very common in the Netherlands back then yet (still not really I think there are a few now), much to my disappointment! I hope Martin will find a school of his liking and can make a good switch. Proper schools and education is really important.

Enjoy Twilight New Moon. I am looking forward going to see it myself. I haven't read the books, and was hesistant to go see the first one last year due to the hype around it. But I did watch it and enjoyed it, even though I agree on the 'silly part' like you wrote in another comment, but yes the casting was pretty nice. The movie was entertaining and I am curious bout the second one. :) Have fun!

The nice thing is that he'll be able to start a third or even fourth language whichever of these 2 schools he chooses. The Bi-lingual school actually teaches in English, Swedish & French, and offers Spanish as well. And the other one offers all those plus German, though I don't know if they teach the "regular" classes in other languages than Swedish like they do at the Bi-lingual school.

And you should DEFINITELY read the books! :)

Wow even in French? Like not just French classes but other classes IN French too? Interesting. Cool though! Is he going to choose another language too or not sure yet?:)

English, French and German are mandatory for the first few years in high school here, but electoral for the final exams. I took English and French (and Dutch obviously), but was happy to drop German as soon as I could. I was pretty good at French too, but after not having used the language in like 10 years most of the knowledge has sank way into my toes heh. Which is a shame really.

So the books are good? I do like the genre. Have you read any Sookie Stackhouse yourself?

The books are both really really good and really really bad :) But they're worth reading. I haven't read any Sookie yet, but I plan to, since I've been hearing so much about them!

Re: Schools

There's lots more choice than you would think!

So would this be Martin's last year at his current school, no matter what? Based on the way you described that first meeting when Karin started there, I can well imagine that you might be looking around. Good luck!

Yep, our school only goes up to sixth grade.

How was New Moon?

It was excellent. I've seen it twice, actually, once with each kid, and it was just as good the second time.

I asked too soon. I took a food and tea break before reading your next entry with the high reccomendation. I will go soon. Thanks.

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