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Year after year, the things I am thankful for remain much the same. They're so obvious, they almost go without saying. And yet, to go without saying them is unthinkable; I can't take them for granted, and yet isn't that what we do, so much of the time? We go through our daily lives and we can't fall down on our knees every moment. There's lunch to be packed and homework to be done and beds to be made and meetings to go to. There are cookies to be baked and children to be hugged and dogs to be walked.

So we can only pause, now and then, to suddenly stare about us and blink in the sudden glare of realization: what we have. What surrounds us. How full of beauty and pleasure and laughter and delight our lives are. Some of you might be thinking, "Hmph. Speak for yourself, missy" and of course, I am. That's all I can do. But even in the roughest of tough times, there must be some light that shines, something that speaks to your soul and gives you cause for gratefulness.

For the past 13 years, we have gathered our closest friends (and sometimes our family) together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Anders and I provide the turkey, stuffing (inside the turkey), mashed potatoes and gravy. Everything else is delegated. One person brings pumpkin pies, one brings extra dressing, the one that's a chocoholic brings a chocolate dessert. Someone is designated to bring the black olives and the cranberry sauce, and sometimes there is green bean casserole and sometimes there is a tossed salad and sometimes there is some other traditional dish: corn casserole, savory sweet potatoes, broccoli & cheese au gratin. Wine in bottles and boxes. Smiles and laughter and now, all these years later: memories and shared history; stories of us, our past and our friendship.

Some friends have moved away, some can't always be with us, and one has passed away. Sometimes we have new friends that we ask to join us, but always the people we invite are those with whom we feel a bond of friendship and tradition that makes us look forward every year to the next celebration. There's something special about this gathering, and though I miss my family and the traditions of my childhood, it feels right that here in Sweden we have built up and refined and made something of our own that we can share and revel in each year.

Tomorrow: cookie baking & a 50th birthday party open house!

By the way, for those of you who care, I went with Martin and a girlfriend Friday night to see New Moon and well, maybe we were just in the right mood, and maybe it sounds really silly, coming from a mom and woman who is well past the demographic these books and movies were aimed at, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was MUCH better than the first one, and it was especially fun for us to listen to an entire packed house of theater-goers, the vast majority of whom were teenage and adolescent girls, gasping with sheer joy every time one of the two male stars took off his shirt. If you're at all into Twilight, it's well worth the ticket price.

*Title from a quote by John F. Kennedy
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Speaking of cookies, I heard the Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjebø on radio. She was really busy with concerts before Christmas, and upon asked which present she really would like for Christmas, she asked for cookies! Cookies to eat herself, cookies to serve when she had guests. The reporter jokingly said now all her fans will start baking cookies and send her...

Har! Not me. It's hard enough to bake 'em to give 'em away. NOM NOM NOM

I am with you. There is always plenty to be grateful for. If you can't see it, you're not looking hard enough.

I'm glad it's easy for you to count your blessings right now. It's so good to visit and find you in this lush place.


Thanks, sweetie :) I worry sometimes that I'm alienating those of my readers who are NOT in a good place right now in their lives, when I post like this.

You know, no matter how down you are or what crap life has dealt (and I say this having been through some pretty horrid crap and down times) there is always something to be thankful for. And it is those very things that we can find (being alive, breathing, pumpkin pie) that will help us to pull up and out into our own thankfulness when we are ready.
So I would like to suggest that this is ultimately helpful to those who do not at this moment find themselves in a good place. Especially in a venue like this where it is optional to read and one doesn't have to have it in one's face unless one so chooses.

I am Thankful for Liz, her good insights, her fresh words of wisdom, her wit.

Aw shucks!

Aw shucks!

While at university last friday some girls were talking about how they had just went to see New Moon for the second and third time. Now they DO fall within the demographic of the books and film ;) but still, watching the same movie that often within like 1 or 2 weeks time.. It made me giggle. They obviously went in for the eye candy mostly. I still plan on watching it, just not sure whether I'll do so in the cinema (and having to go vy myself most likely) or wait till it comes out on DVD (and watch it at home on my own most likely, but at home that's fine :p). Though I have ben to the cinema by myself in the past and enjoyed the movies and all, I kinda did miss a person next to me who I could give an elbow nudge here and there during the movie hehe.

I know what you mean. I've gone to the movies by myself before and enjoyed it, but there is something about having a like-minded friend next to you to laugh with and nudge and exchange eye-rolls with :)

Now THAT is what thanksgiving is all about!

Yes! Giving thanks! :) And pumpkin pie! Mmmm pie!

From Megsie

I am totally with you. The gratefulness this time of year seems to seep out of my pores. I found out today a classmate from high school has cancer and has a three-year-old and a one-year-old. It made me hug my husband a little tighter, so thankful for our own health, while the tug in my heart for their family pulls. It is such a wild journey, this life. We really do need to stop and look around at all of the blessings our lives hold, at LEAST one time a year.

Re: From Megsie

Several of my high school friends have fought's scary to think that I'm getting up in the age where it's becoming that much more common. :(

I actually think the Twilight movies are much better than the books (I was pretty underwhelmed by those), and in the movies I'm TOTALLY on team Jacob!! Bella is such a twit who chooses that vampire ninny over the gorgeious werewolf.

I don't know...I like them both, but Jacob is a little too cutie-pie for me. :) I sure wanted to smack Edward for stupidity though!

heh, your icon is telling me to take my poor attempts to sound like a tween elsewhere!

Hee hee hee!


Your sister and nephew made sure I was brought part way up to date with this series. She spent the week-end reading the first(?) book outloud to him, and when she would stop,he often continued by himself. Then,last night they rented the first movie for all of us to watch (Bryce & I..for the first time. So,for once I am not totally clueless! And,of course, I'm on the werewolf team-he's from Michigan!) Love, Lizardmom


Glad we bring you back into the current events. Hope you enjoyed it at least a little, Mom. :)And to boot we are now almost done with New Moon. I read aloud almost the whole 7 hour drive home (thanks to hubby for driving) and again a bit for bedtime. He woke up this morning and asked, if he got ready for school early could I read more. :) So I believe I will take him to the theater to see it by this weekend. :) I am sooooo excited he is showing a real interest in reading finally. So now I may have two kids who take after Aunt Liz!!!

They only just dropped the age limit on New Moon here recently to 11. It was 15 before. I don't know if it's okay for younger kids with an adult in the states; might be different than here...I think here it was 7 with an adult.

(I miss Ree... do you hear from her?)

Hi Liz, I tried other ways of finding Ree again, we used to communicate but she disappeared and I just wanted to know if she was still doing ok... I know you are friends, do you know how she is doing? I miss her posts.

Re: (I miss Ree... do you hear from her?)

Hi Laurie,
I haven't been in contact with her outside of LJ, and don't know if she's even reading. She seems to have withdrawn completely at the moment. :(

Re: (I miss Ree... do you hear from her?)

Thanks....hopefully she is still doing OK, I worry about her. She was the spunkiest person I knew!

Wait: Martin and a girlfriend? You are so going to have to hold my hand when Bean reaches that age. Again, always, you inspire me as a mother.

HAAAA! No no no, one of MY girlfriends! Martin is currently single :) He and his "girlfriend" of many years broke up at the beginning of 5th grade :)

I see. I have to say I am slightly relieved.... although I remember fifth grade vividly--and my crushes therein! Louis Castle, with his mouth full of braces had my heart...

Thank you so much for these words and sentiments and the way you've expressed them. Yeahoo!

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