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December is like a ticking time bomb, with giant 7-segment alarm-clock red numbers counting down faster than I can even find wire cutters for, much less figure out whether to snip the red one or the green one before everything goes BANG!

The moon was full yesterday: it was hanging out well above the horizon yesterday morning, huge and shining white against the dawning sky, about 3 times as big as normal. If I had only left for work about half an hour earlier, I bet it would have filled my vision until I fainted from the lack of space in the sky. I remember once, driving from Chicago to the Michigan Dunes with one of my college girlfriends in the car. We were going to stay at her then boyfriend's place near the dunes, and we turned off the highway and up the exit ramp and over a hill and just as we crested the hill, there was the moon right in front of us. It was HUGE. It was like a joke: a cosmic HA! GOT YA! We gaped at it. It was so large it felt like we could just drive right up onto it. It filled everything; there were no peripherals left.

The calendar is full, too. I know, I know...it's the same old holiday song. It's full of fun things: Christmas lunches and Christmas dinners and Christmas parties and Lucia concerts. Birthdays and Christmas markets and glögg and pepperkakor. I have about half my shopping done, at least, but Christmas cards? Christmas letter? Tree chopping & decorating? I haven't even started the Christmas cookie baking for US. O! The humanity! Ah well, I'll bet you I get it all done. 4 dollar no holla. And what I don't get done? Eh. Whatever. I love to say this: it's not the end of the world. It's not! Keep your pants on! (I love to say that, too). World continues: pants remain.

Something else I love to say: Use your head for something else besides a hat rack. My dad used to say that all the freaking time. Martin remarked on its frequency to me today after it came out of my mouth yet again. Hee! Sorry kid! What goes around comes around, or the fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree. I'll bet you he and Karin will be saying it to THEIR kids someday, only probably in Swedish: Använder huvudet till annat än perukstock!* HAHAHA! Not nearly as melodious.

What do you love saying? Is it something your mom or dad always said to you?

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Things to say before you go

An Awesome Hat for Sam to Make!: Snowman Hat!

Can't Decide if I'm Coveting This for Karin or...Myself: R2-D2 Hoodie

*Perukstock = wig stand...there's no word for hat rack in Swedish. Anders could only come up with hat hylla which is a hat SHELF.
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