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What a 10 and a half year old little sister thinks about her big brother turning twelve: Hmm...well...AWFUL ! no..AWESOME..maybe :P
He's a good brother i guess, he lets me read his comic books almost always, lets me teach him World of Warcraft, lol, he likes sushi too!
He's very helpful (not sometimes), he's my lovie dovy bwother. He's good at playing the piano and watching TV too ! He's good at making adventures on Spore, he's good at making paintings, he explains words for me, He's the best brother you can ever have ! XOXOXO ! <3*

What a mom thinks about her first-born and son turning twelve: GAAAH! How old AM I?? URGH. This is the year that Martin will pass me in height. Not SO hard considering I'm on the short side, but still a rather major milestone. When I look at him now, I can see in his face both the man he will be and the little boy he has been for so long. It's so strange to be able to look at a face so familiar and see all the former faces that inhabited him: baby, toddler, small boy, pre-adolescent and also be able to glimpse the future in his eyes and the turn of his head and the smile he flashes when something strikes him as funny, which is often. TWELVE.

What a dad thinks about his first-born son turning twelve: He's smart...he just has a strange sense of humor. Mostly because he doesn't think my jokes are funny, when they RULE. You can definitely tell he's almost a teenager.

Hippity Hoppity Over the Toppity Birthday Wishes to martinek and to sari, too!

*Karin actually thought up AND wrote all this herself.
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Grattis på födelsedag, Martin!

Liz you write so loving about your kids, I always very much enjoy reading those pieces of your journal (well, all pieces really heh).

And Karin plays WoW too?:)

They both do, but Karin's been playing longer. She's level 1 billion or something. She was throwing Mr T grenades the other day. They're all insane.

I have played WoW for several years but quit playing March 2008 (I switched to EQII for a while, which was fun as well but I guess after having played MMOs for almost 10 years and spending way and way to much time on them.. I grew sorta tired and I pretty much quit playing all together just before summer. I recently picked it back up again for in the odd hours I have nothing better to do, and tis fun to putter around some but I don't think I'll be spending hours and hours a week on them no more. Unlike S. who still can be found on one of his alternate toons in Norrath very often!! :))

I recently saw the Mr. T. ad for WoW on television - hilarious!! :)


Happy Birthday Martin! You are becoming quite the handsome young man! Glad to see the I'll recognize you when I arrive! Love, Grandma Linda

From Megsie

Oh, my. Twelve. I can't even imagine. I thought EIGHT was old. I am sure I will be crossing that thresh hole soon enough. Happy, happy birthday to Martin! Hope you guys had a great day of celebration. And...Karin...Wow. She is one great sister!


Happy Birthday, Martin!

Twelve is a great birthday -- hope you had a fun one!


Happy birthday to Martin, and to mama Liz also. Remember, it's your "birth" day too! Your life changed dramatically about twelve years ago. Am I right?

That's for sure!!


Happy Birthday Martin! I loved the tributes from everyone, particularly Karin's, what a super sister note!


Cute boy!!! And thanks for the wishes as well :))))

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