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It's been snowing all day, going from those fat & floaty puffed-up snowdrops; you know, the showy kind that turn into hyperspace when you're in the car at night and turn on the brights for a second, to the tiny crystal glitterbits just being flung about by the wind. We have 4-5 inches, not counting all the drifts from the blowing winter breezes and no end in sight.

Already I'm sure that the prediction about a white Christmas for the first time in 10 years will come true: there is so much snow already down that even if it abruptly warmed up enough to start melting it wouldn't all be gone by Thursday. Hurrah! Snowball fights and sledding and snowmen and shoveling. I don't even mind brushing the powdery piles of cold white diamond dust off the car each time I need to go out. Snow!

All the presents are purchased, and wrapping can commence at anytime. I'm in the middle of what is so far an excellent book (The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson, for those of you who always complain when I praise a book and don't mention the title) and Anders is cooking dinner: his most excellent spaghetti meat sauce. We opened a giant box of Christmas meats that his parents gave us in preparation for Christmas Eve and Anders will be making meatballs later. Then myskväll to top it all off.

I've been cleaning since I woke up, with some breaks for reading, both the book kind and the blog kind, plus a quick trip to the grocery store with my daughter. I woke up around 7:30 and promptly went back to sleep, only to wake again at 9-something with a dehydration headache that wouldn't quit. It took a shower (water on the outside) and a huge drink (water on the inside) before I felt human again. The list of things that have to get done this weekend is already more than half done and I've only got the rest of the laundry (1 load in the dryer and 1 in the wash), the fishtank and 2 rooms left to vacuum. Anders only has 2 things left on MY list that he needs to do, too, and I think we'll be able to relax by mid-day tomorrow and just take it easy.

Strangely, I've only received 4 Christmas cards so far this year...wonder if we'll get a huge pile in the mail on Monday or if this is the year that finally, people have stopped sending them. Kind of a sad feeling, if so. I'll be posting my Christmas letter via email to most people, though I did send out about 15 copies, and suspect lots of friends are doing the same thing. It's simply more environmentally friendly, I suppose, though as I said, it's a bit sad to think that even Christmas cards are going the way of the dinosaurs. We so rarely get any mail in the post, so every letter or card is always cause for a little happy dance. My sister's little boy has actually put it on his Christmas wish list the past two years: real mail, a letter every month. And I'm ashamed to say that none of us have stepped up to give it to him. I'll have to do something about that! I know how excited I am to get mail, it's a shame not to be able to make someone else happy for such an easy and simple thing.

Snowy Blowy Winter Wonderland Birthday Wishes to My Darling Wee and a Bundle of Belated ones to ms_jacket!
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