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Look what happens when someone leaves the snow on overnight! 24 hours plus of snowfall and we have over a foot. I threw the kids outside with a camera and told them to take photos. "Of what?" they asked. DUH! Of things covered in snow! When I got the camera back, they had taken pictures of both the cars and the mailbox and some blobs of snow on the side of the house.

Anders is out shoveling, the kids are out sledding and I, in a hilarious twist of irony, am about to DEFROST THE FREEZER. Hahahahahaha!!


Clifford the Big Red Rock in his Christmas clothing

One of my little angels
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music: The Carpenters—Winter Wonderland


Isn't it great with the snow!? It's been snowing all day here today as well. For now it has stopped finally. But I wouldn't mind if it kept snowing. Looove it. :)

Snow angels, ah those were the days! Haha. I feel like doing one now, but hey, I'm an adult and don't want to end up in an institution. LOL! If I had my own garden, however, I might just have...


Adults can do snow angels! That shouldn't stop you! :D


Oh I would I would!! If I had my own garden... LOL!


What a day to defrost the freezer...fabulous!

I am the biggest dork, indeed! :D

From Megsie

I laughed out loud that you are defrosting the freezer while your kids play in the snow! I love your photos...such cute kids, and the one with the little red house and the snow covered trees, beautiful. I think YOU should go out to play too!

Re: From Megsie

I got it done, though! And I cleaned the refrigerator and the fishtank, too. Done done done! :D


What beautiful photos the kids took! It's a wintery wonderland for sure- hope it lasts so John, Simone and I will feel right at home! Although I am having to relate to last year. This year the most we've had is 1 inch at a time and that is projected again for tomorrow - but it's melted in between those 2 or so inches we've gotten so far this year! Last year by this time our neighborhood has used up our entire snow plow fund and still it didn't stop!! Love, Lizardmom

We got at least 18", maybe more. It started late on Saturday night and stopped around noon Sunday. Bah! Humbug!

You got twice as much as we did! :D We're supposed to get more tomorrow, though...wheee!!

So beautiful!


Joy here :)

Hi and Merry Christmas! I am writing from Missouri! Visiting my mom and attending my niece's wedding! I am taking the pictures with a new camera. Uh oh! Oh, I hope not uh oh tomorrow is the day!

But my main point of this post is defrosting your freezer? I haven't had to defrost a fridge in, uh, at least 10 years! Is there really something in my life that is better than yours? JUST KIDDING! Please take this in the humorous way I mean! I mean, I compare my single-hood, lonely, confused-where-I-am-headed kind of way with your wonderful family, career and great home... so you see what I mean. ;-)

But really, defrosting the fridge? No frost free unit?

Okay, I am a little over-the-top here. :P So indulge me a bit, k? ;)

This reminds me of a friend who told me a story about her children. When her daughter won an award at graduation that her brother had not (but had won so many anyway), she gloated about this to him. He said nothing and his mother asked him why. He said if that made her feel better, so be it.

Re: Joy here :)

Frost-free? I don't think we can even get that in Sweden! They only just started getting ice-makers in the fridges a few years ago! :D

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