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Almost ready. The snow is melting, though we still have a ton here in our village due to the fact that we live in a precipitation pocket where it's always colder or rainier or snowier than anywhere else in Skåne. Seeing black wet roads and grey/black sludge edges makes me sad because everything was absolutely COVERED with white just 2 days ago. *sigh* ...I've been told more snow is on the way; hope that is true.

I have fallen down on the cookie job this year, but I don't care. It's just as well. I've already gained a ton of weight the last 2 months and if I had as many cookies in the house as I did last year, it would be even worse. We have a bazillion sugar cookies and RKTs to make tomorrow and that will have to do for this year. :)

I was the last person at work today. There were only 6 people from my department there to begin with and everyone was gone by 3 p.m. It's so nice when the office is empty and everyone is on vacation: I can actually get things done!

Tomorrow I am sleeping in a bit, then doing a quick vacuum and cleanup in the bathrooms and making the Rice Krispie Holly Bars. Everything else except wrapping is done. It's 10 p.m. now and I am throwing the kids in bed now so I can get to it. The in-laws come at 2 tomorrow afternoon, and we'll watch Kalle Anka and I'll leave halfway through to go pick up my brother and Simone and when we get back: julbord and presents. Whee!

Grattis Grattis Grattis på födelsedagen to Kathey!! and Big Belated Birthday Wishes to Laini!
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