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Almost ready. The snow is melting, though we still have a ton here in our village due to the fact that we live in a precipitation pocket where it's always colder or rainier or snowier than anywhere else in Skåne. Seeing black wet roads and grey/black sludge edges makes me sad because everything was absolutely COVERED with white just 2 days ago. *sigh* ...I've been told more snow is on the way; hope that is true.

I have fallen down on the cookie job this year, but I don't care. It's just as well. I've already gained a ton of weight the last 2 months and if I had as many cookies in the house as I did last year, it would be even worse. We have a bazillion sugar cookies and RKTs to make tomorrow and that will have to do for this year. :)

I was the last person at work today. There were only 6 people from my department there to begin with and everyone was gone by 3 p.m. It's so nice when the office is empty and everyone is on vacation: I can actually get things done!

Tomorrow I am sleeping in a bit, then doing a quick vacuum and cleanup in the bathrooms and making the Rice Krispie Holly Bars. Everything else except wrapping is done. It's 10 p.m. now and I am throwing the kids in bed now so I can get to it. The in-laws come at 2 tomorrow afternoon, and we'll watch Kalle Anka and I'll leave halfway through to go pick up my brother and Simone and when we get back: julbord and presents. Whee!

Grattis Grattis Grattis på födelsedagen to Kathey!! and Big Belated Birthday Wishes to Laini!
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Have a wonderful christmas!!!

We still have snow so I'm happy for a white christmas this year! Finally... when did that last happen? Before global warming...



Merry Christmas, Mia! :)

The mad dash. I'm inside of it right now too. Hope it all pays off and you have a beautiful holiday. Best wishes and lots of warmth and yes, even cookies. WE'll work 'em off in the new year!

Got the RKT's done but the last-minute batch of chocolate chip cookies will have to wait until my mom's arrival: we're out of vanilla extract! O! The humanity!

Merry Christmas, Erin!


Hi- Have a wonderful day tomorrow with family there! :) I got my reservation for the Limo from Beth's to the airport. Tomorrow is go get Grandma day for me! And, gee....only 4 days and you'll be having to go do the same ...go get Grandma Day! Yippee! Love, LIzardmom

My favorite day of the year: Go Get Grandma Day! :)

From Megsie

We are having a big snow storm here right now. It started around 2 or 3 this afternoon--just flurries, by 7 it was a big storm. It is supposed to snow until Saturday, so everyone is freaking out about travel plans. Hopefully it will be manageable. It usually is. We began our Celebration tonight. I made our family's traditional Scalloped Potatoes and Ham for dinner with asparagus and popovers (that didn't pop--I will try again soon, and they still tasted good). After dishes we opened presents and it was so much fun, and so calm and nice. Tomorrow we go to my parent's house and on Christmas we go to Jeff's parent's house. Today was just for us. Have a Merry Christmas Liz! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

Christmas for three days plus snow! Perfect :) Merry Merry to you Megsie! May your year be merry & bright! :)

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