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I've been filling up. Filling up with lovely days and family goodness and the stupified silence of children stunned by the awesomeness of their Christmas presents. Filling up with cookies and turkey sandwiches and clementines and love. Too busy to sit down and write, too busy to take a moment because all the moments are taken: real life, days present and future and full.

Friday is a full moon, but it's nearly there now. Last night it was shining clear and crystal down on the sugar frosting sifted across the grass, the hedge, the yard. I've not slept well the past few nights: too many people in the house. Breathing, coughing, moving. Up and opening doors, and my restless brain is keeping tabs: I don't want to miss a moment with so many loved ones in the house.

Today a head cold is pressing me down, gurgling at the back of my throat: tickle, tickle COUGH. Two days ago we went to see Avatar. I am still thinking about it. Yesterday we had 50 people in the house. I am still thinking about that, too. I am a spinning top, the kind that lifts and flies with a zing!

A short list of awesome things: a mini ping-pong table! My party-preparation-cleaning crew that did everything to get the house ready and the food prepared while I was at work yesterday. Lego games. Rice Krispie Treats with cinnamon red-hots. Perfect presents for everyone. A huge pile of new books to read. Anders whipping up a perfect julbord for Christmas Eve and then a perfect turkey dinner for Christmas Day. John fixing the dishwasher. Simone sorting the three bags of party debris into the proper recycling bins. An oven-baked brie coated with brown sugar, chopped almonds and cinnamon: O M G . A holiday card from you. And you. And YOU. Thank you!

One more day of work and one more party, and then a week of sleeping in, of slothfulness if I want it, of reading a dozen books, of meeting and spending time with some good friends, of enjoying every moment with my mom and my family. Just what I need, if I can turn my brain off work. A week of savoring, of remembering, of mulling over the moments that have filled me up these holidays and given me the energy to begin a new year brimming.

Crystal Glitter Candy Birthday Wishes to courtesy!
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Friday isn't only a full moon. It's the second one this month!

It's a blue moon!

From Megsie

Oh, Liz! Happy, happy. I can't wait for the blue moon. Thanks for giving me the date, I have been meaning to google it. I am joining you on the gratitude, and happiness that was this holiday weekend. Have a great rest of the week and then yay! VACATION! You deserve it!

*hope your cold gets better quick-the only bummer*

Re: From Megsie

The last one was in 1900, if I remember the article I read about it correctly. I worked today through a terrible head cold and now I am ON VACATION!!

Liz, I'm so glad to see your cup running over with wonderfulness. This probably isn't the time to discuss Avatar, but I'd like to. One of my friends calls it Smurf-a-hontas. My son called it Dances with Wolves in Space. There's more...including a whole critique from daughter. Get back into Real Life and let's chew on it.

Hahaha! Both your friend and your son are right, but it was still amazing. Have you seen it? I'd like to hear what your daughter thought, too.

We saw it as a family. The son who does animation was in heaven. The husband who loves escapist special effects was in heaven. I thought it was amazing what they can do these days. Daughter, however, said that the idea that you have to go virtual to experience the kind of cultural and natural values is problematic. The Noble Savage theme has been around for a long, long time and was problematic from the beginning, both because the "savage" wasn't always all that noble and is depicted here as if it is, and because cross-cultural intercourse (not sex, the other kind) is complex and is depicted here as if it really isn't.

Coming from a military family, I also thought it was EXTREMELY simplistic, but still got swept up in it :) I actually wasn't all that impressed with the story. It was more the world-building and the imagination that went into that part that captivated me.

Thank you Liz! x


Sounds like you will have a great end of this year and a great start on the new one! :)

Happy New Year! :)


Except for the horrible head cold :)

Hey Lizzie Baby! Happy New year, Blue Moon, New Year Moon, and all that Jazzzz.
Happy Cup Runneth Over, and Family Full House.

Knock that cold and get some sleep.

Happy Vacation!!!

I guess I've got to go see "Avatar" now. Everybody's talking about it.

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