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You know those dreams or movie scenes where you have to get somewhere and you turn into a hallway and suddenly the hallway s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s out in front of you like a tunnel, with appropriately alarming music accompaniment and you know you will never reach the end? Never, never never? That's how I feel right now.

I know it's my own fault for even bothering to CHECK my work email, but honest to god, it's insane. I can't stop thinking about work and how it will just pile up and up and up if I don't keep on top of it, and how can I relax and enjoy the rest of this week's vacation if all I can do is sit here restraining myself (GAH!) from fetching my laptop and firing up the VPN?

Yesterday, I thought...hmmm, I probably ought to pop in and check on things since I haven't looked at work email since December 30th and lo! It wasn't that bad. I had 39 messages and another 10 action items in the helpdesk inbox and I whipped through them and sent off a few answers and filed a few documents and uploaded a couple of things and dusted off my hands and nodded to myself and gently closed the lid of the laptop as it powered down.

But today some sort of anxiety worm got into my brain and thrashed about wildly. It munched on my synapses while I had breakfast. It masticated agitatedly on my tender cerebellum as I lay on the massage table this afternoon, SUPPOSEDLY melting into a puddle of goo. It reared up and started bonking its surprisingly massive snout against my mental bulkheads. Check your email!, it crowed. It whispered and muttered and fluttered and flang itself about, twisting itself into a frenzy until finally I caved in and checked. Dammit, worm!! 48 new emails.

When will I learn?
mood: aggravated


Perhaps you actually need that SpamAssassin filter rule which would add a couple of points to the spam score for every mail received past January 1, 2010? It was some case of strange thinking that made the developing team set up a rule that any email with a date stamp far into the future is likely to be spam. Then 2010 came, those date stamps were no longer as far into the future and possibly thousands of users around the world got some legitimate email automatically deleted by the spam filter.

Actually the rule was updated some months ago so on newer installations it will only trigger on email sent past year 2020. Yay, ten more years to come up with even more clever filter rules.

From Megsie

Oh, NO. You caved! It is just like when I decide to spend time on facebook and then I walk away. The next time I sit down at my computer I have 5 billion emails, because I had made comments... Then I get sucked in even further! Except your thing is for WORK. UGH! I am sorry that you are seeing the tunnel, and I am even sorrier that it wrecked your massage...that is brutal. Put your laptop in the trunk of your car! Have your husband DRIVE AWAY WITH IT! Do anything to just STAY AWAY from work for now! Good luck. It won't be easy.

Re: From Megsie

Can't. Couldn't. Working now. (after midnight).


I've taken one or two long-ish vacations ;-) and I've discovered that when I'm off work for a week or even two, I never really get rid of that urge to check work email, or that concern that I'm missing something important. But when I'm off for three weeks, something happens during that third week, and I finally relax and start to disconnect from all the problems. And then it seems horribly unfair that it took me two weeks to get to the point where I could really relax, and then I only got one true week of stress-free vacation. When I'm off for four weeks, it finally gets balanced, and I get an equal amount of stressed and stress-free time. So my advice: take longer vacations. ;-) I think the Swedes that take off the entire month of July have figured it out.


I think you have totally hit the nail on the head!!

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