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I think the sign of a successful potluck is when the dessert-to-other-food ratio is 3 to 1. You would have hated it, gale_storm, it was one of those pregnancy/delivery conversation evenings because 2 people were pregnant (a second-timer, and a first-timer with twins on the way) and 1 has a 6-month old, so those of us who have already had children spent quite a bit of time scaring the bejeezus out of poor Laurie with horror stories. :) Hey, it happened to ME, it's only fair to pass the experience along! muahaha!

Since we didn't get home until after 10, I'm keeping my thumbs crossed (Swenglish fingers) that the kids will sleep in tomorrow. Betting pool opens now. We have NO plans whatsoever for the day except to have a myskväll and watch Lilla Melodifestivalen* (at the kids' request), and I'm pretty glad about that as I need a good long day of unwinding.

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

*It's the European song contest for prepubescents
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I usually get prevent all those "other foods" by simply specifying it's a dessert potluck :-)

LOL! Well, it WAS dinner, so I guess it was a good thing we had "those other foods." I brought the appetizer and it was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. :)

Lydia's all excited by Lilla Melodifestivalen, too. Funny.

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