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Have you ever actually rubbed a cat the wrong way? It feels kind of cool, not exactly smooth, but not exactly rough to your hand. The cat will only tolerate it for a moment or so before making her displeasure known. I suspect it must feel sort of what it feels like to take your hair down from an updo or ponytail that's been in place all day: your skin kind of feels stretched weirdly for a little while. Anyway, being rubbed the wrong way is unpleasant. Rubbing someone else the wrong way is also unpleasant. I feel like I've been on both the giving and receiving end of wrong-way rubbing for several weeks now. Everything I say comes out wrong and everything everyone else says is directed at me personally. Know what I mean?

I've had better years. This one could turn around any time now.
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I know what you mean.

On the other hand, maybe you'll get all your grumpness for the year out right at the beginning. Imagine how freeing that might be. I wish we knew exactly what our personal grump quotas for the year would be and could use it all up and not have to worry about it 'til next year.

That's where I'm at too. Let's get all this grump out while the weather sucks and then let's have smooth sailing the rest of the year.

That's an excellent plan. I'm all over it!

I suspect my grump quotas are once a month...

From Megsie

I do know exactly what you mean. It makes me grumpy too. I hope it turns around soon...2010 just started, it still has lots of potential.

Just so you know,you haven't rubbed ME the wrong way at all...quite the contrary. Sending love and hugs your way.

Re: From Megsie

I'm glad of it. I hate thinking I've rubbed ANYONE the wrong way, but it's especially depressing when it's people I'm close to and people I admire (of which you are one). I'm working on turning the darn year around myself finally. URGH. Tough weight to haul.

I know exactly what you mean. I either have a great day or a bad one it seems. No in between. Very exhausting. And everything I say comes out wrong....all the time.

Glad to know I'm not alone. I miss the inbetweens!

Sounds like some serious smoothing down might be in order... a long, hot bath, sweet-smelling lotion, maybe a massage? I know your wrong-way rubbing is metaphorical, but who knows -- some literally smoothing might do wonders. :) And yes, this year could turn around any time. I'm hoping it does for you soon!

Would love a massage but with this awful cryk in my neck I'll have to's so tender and sore to the touch that it makes me flinch when anyone comes near my head.

I'm working on turning the damn year around. All together now: PULL!

it's okay to be grumpy

oh Liz-- I am SORRY for the wrong-rub happening right now-- things DO feel grumptastic-- they really do. Just know it can only mean some SERIOUS joy is on its way to you because you have already had the blast of the bad.

hang in there-- and go ahead, BE AS GRUMPY as you WANNA BE!!!

bisous, bp

Re: it's okay to be grumpy

I'm more than ready for joy! And since I've been pretty damn grumpy for what feels like WEEKS, I figure it's time to start pulling this year into position: grump begone!

Would only that you could hiss and scratch at them like a cat would!

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