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Next time Anders is out of town and one of Martin or Karin's little friends wants to come over to play on the day you had planned on relaxing, politely suggest that it's their turn to host.

The decision to stop after two children was the right one, no doubt about it.
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All along, we've agreed to have just one kid. The pregnancy from hell confirmed that, and since Alex is a mostly-perfect baby, we're glad for that.

Lately, Anna-Lena has made some insane rumblings about wanting, maybe, to do this again in a few years. I've laid down the gauntlet for her: we can have another kid, if she really wants, but we have to have seven more after that. I either want just one kid, or a whole baseball team's worth of kids.

Another parenting rule I've learned is don't let yourself get outnumbered by the kids.

I've never been so close to child abuse as I have been this afternoon, and the child visiting is a GIRL. Not that that means anything necessarily since I'm Karin's mother after all, maybe just that I wasn't expecting this level of wildness.

Are they doing that girl-y thing of squealing high enough to break glass? That is the worst.

Hope your evening gets better! :)

Funny, I thought little boys were more of a terror than little girls. Or, has your son done things that I know not of?

Anna-Lena has made some insane rumblings about wanting, maybe, to do this again in a few years

So, the memory lapses are true. If women remembered the pain of childbirth and discomfort of pregnancy, the human race might die out.

Åh, de underbara små ÄNGLARNA &#@"¤!
Jag har en i min närhet, som är absolut hopplös, kan icke sitta stilla en minut. Jag har kommit på att det hjälper att trötta ut dem, massor med fysisk aktivitet först, så kan man få litet lugn sen, kanske....

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