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I didn't get my own room until we moved to Belgium, the year I turned 13 but once I did, one of the best things about having my own space was getting to change things around to suit myself. I loved to rearrange my room. I'd move furniture around every so many months, trying out every possible combination of filling the space. I'd move the pictures I had taped or tacked to the walls. I'd rearrange the books in my bookcase and on my shelves. Interior design was an appealing career path. I still feel this way, but having a house means I get to do it on a larger scale. It also means, however, that I have to compromise quite often in deference to the tastes and ideas of the other people I share this space with: my family. Each of whom has a distinct personality and a mind of their own when it comes to how our common space should look.

One of the fun things about having children is watching their style develop and seeing how it reflects their expanding personalities. It's also frustrating, of course, because I'd like to have things a certain way, and am constantly being foiled in that desire by the needs and wishes of the other strong personalities in the household. It's nice, though, when we can make things work out so that everyone is pleased with the result. Luckily, that's what happened with both of the recent room renovations that the kids department underwent. Both rooms very much reflect the personality of the kid who occupies the space.

I posted photos from Karin's room when Anders had finished the major part of the work: painting & wallpapering. This is what the room looked like before it was filled with her new furniture: dragons / red walls & new bed. Then we added a new dresser, a bookcase, and a desk, and hung paintings and posters and curtain, and bought a new rug.

Martin's room was decidedly different, and yet his personality shines through just as strongly. Anders' did a fantastic job of painting the trees on his long wall, and we found the perfect furniture to complement his style as well.

Click here to take a look!*

Bippity Boppity Bootiful Birthday Wishes to ladyvox!

*Hey BP! Notice the photos of the Butterscotch Bunch over Karin's dresser? :)
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Wow, their styles are very different! But both very cool ... I'd be hard pressed to say which room I liked better.

Me too. In fact, us too! We all like both rooms. Even Karin is a bit torn :)

From Megsie

Both rooms are so striking. I love the wall murals and I love the loft bed! When we moved into our house a little over four years ago, we repainted every room and recarpeted the entire house. It felt so good to move into a space that was OURS. I suspect that is exactly how Karin and Martin feel about their rooms. Once I finished, I would just walk into each room and just absorb the feeling. Have you been doing that too?

Re: From Megsie

I do that all the time. Any time we renovate or rearrange or even if I ust hang different pictures in a room: I have to sit in it often, wander through it just to admire, soak up the sudden newness!

Hi from Joy

How lovely! I am trying to decide how to make my space- my apt. my own. LoL I just kind of resign myself to no design/ style. Got to change that!

Oh, and I noticed the pictures of Karin in the closet. She lets you keep that up? ;-)

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Hi from Joy

Which pictures of Karin in the closet? You lost me :)

Re: Hi from Joy - (Anonymous)   Expand  
Re: Hi from Joy - (Anonymous)   Expand  

wow, your kids have great rooms!!

Thanks! We're pretty proud of them, ourselves :)

wow! those trees look amazing! and extra points for hand painting them...they look so good. and the dragons..also excellent!! :)

The dragons were a wallpaper set. And the trees were based on a wallpaper set, but it was too expensive, so Anders blew up the image on the wall, created a stencil with brown paper and used that to outline before hand-painting them. Ta-dah!

Oh I know about sharing space and not getting to decorate the way one wants to. That is one of the biggest drags about sharing my friend's house. I get to do some things and we talk about it a little bit, but I don't have nearly as much say so as if I were with family or especially on my own.
My room is very different than the rest of the house because of this. But, I moved out of a house and into a room, so it can be very difficult to maintain order in my room. And then there is all the stuff I have stored on shelves in the garage, in case I should need it if I move to another pace of my own.
Ah well, in so many other ways my situation makes up for this bit. And over the years my style has been creeping into the rest of the house a little bit.

Your kids must feel great to have so much of their own personalities reflected in their own rooms.

Hahaa! Your comment about your style creeping into the rest of the house made me laugh. Stealth decorating! When Anders and I moved in together, we had very different styles. Today, I think I've (mostly) won. Though we HAVE done a good job of melding them.

They both look great!!

btw, is Anders available to paint trees in MY house? ;)


Very cool pics, and impressed that Anders painted the trees so beautifully. I love the colors - they remind me a little bit of your blog background colors too!


He did a fantastic job, didn't he? :) And yes! I know! Those colors are everywhere in my home (except in Karin's room)...the fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree. :D

love the trees!
you guys could start your own interior decorating show on tv and blow everyone else off the scale. :)

Haa! I'd get the hairy eyeball for sure if I suggested that to Anders! :D


I love both rooms! Karin's so vibrant and cool, and Martin's serene and elegant. The trees are lovely. Can I hire Anders to do that on my wall as well? LOL!


Get in line! hahaha! Everyone is asking if they can borrow him for tree-painting! :D

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Great job! Those tress are amazing.

I know! I'm wondering if I can get Anders to paint more in OUR bedroom! :D


what stylish kids you have-- my god. Maybe that's what happens when you grow up in Sweden? And I LOVE that Karin has brombies in her room-- love love-- you have to get that girl over here so she can snuggle with them for real. smooch, bp

Re: wowza!

I think it's more because the fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree: I'M stylish! hahahaha!! And you are SO right. We do. We definitely do!


Oh fantastic! Good job everyone!

~ sherry

:) We think so, too!

Both their rooms rock, but I'm moving in with Martin, okay?

I'm not surprised :)


Hi from Kathryn!

I love how both of their rooms turned out! One so vibrant and the other so serene. Makes me want to spend time in both rooms :o) I do have a question though. Where do you put all their clothes? Does everything get folded and put in the chest of drawers or is there also a wardrobe in their rooms? I'm assuming you don't have closets...or do you? I'll be so jealous if you do! I'd like to re-do Lukas' room soon, but I'm having trouble with the limited space he has in his room. But I suppose it would help if I would de-clutter a lot of his toys. Oy!

Each of the kids has an IKEA wardrobe closet that fits behind their doors. One side is skinnier and has shelves and pull-out baskets for clothes, and the other, slightly wider side, has a bar for hanging clothes plus a shelf. :)

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