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Sing out loud. Warble. Yodel a little bit.

Talk to yourself.

Wander through the rooms and touch things. Pet an old teddy bear on the head.

Make note of things that need to be done, now that you suddenly have the chance to SEE things around you without any whirling chattering children filling up your senses.

Read for uninterrupted hours.

Watch a movie that doesn't have any superheroes or superpowers or animation in it.

Lie on the couch and stare out the window.

Get messy with craft stuff at the art table.

Organize a cabinet or a closet. Put things in charity bags.

Play Sword of Fargoal ALL YOU WANT.

Fart around on LJ and FB and all those great blogs ALL YOU WANT.

Work on various PC projects ALL YOU WANT.

Play YOUR music loudly. Sing along. Loudly.

Walk on the treadmill and sing out loud with the headphones on. Loudly.

Revel in the silence.

Think about missing your family, but put it off for a few more days.

What would you do?
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Sounds excellent!

Sounds glorious! Enjoy!

Listen to a book on tape or cd while you cook, eat, do dishes, or do housework. "Ciderhouse Rules" was a very god one that I recently finished.

Great list Liz!

Oh, eat all the chocolate you want without sharing. (or Sushi)

Eating from stash of American candy without having to hide it... :D

From Megsie

Nap? And nap some more? And, um, maybe a nap? Can you tell I don't feel good? I have a really bad cold and I really don't want to make dinner and the house is a mess and (in case you're wondering) I would really like to take a NAP!

Hope you are enjoying your nice quiet house in which you can do WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT! LUCKY!


Re: From Megsie

How could I forget NAP?! hahaha!


DANCE! Dance like crazy because NO ONE is watching! And, of chocolate! But....most important of all - Call Your Mother! Love, Lizardmom

Will call you Wed, Mom...had the AWC meeting tonight, didn't get home until late! :)

Oh my goodness, all of the above! Plus, I would eat every meal on the couch with a book; I miss those days!

Eat meal on couch with book: CHECK! :D

Rent a DvD that doesn't demand consensus-decision making.
Eat microwave popcorn for dinner.
Leave the dishes.
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. At any hour I feel the need.
Leave the house without anybody in tow and just walk around, stop for coffee and sit in the silence, people-watching.

Excellent additions to my list! :D

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