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I don't feel much like writing. Listening to myself think all the time is dull. I already know what I'm going to say.

It snowed sideways yesterday, for most of the day; the blizzard we had been promised. Indeed, it lived up to its fanfare, dumping nearly a foot of snow over the course of the day. It wasn't very wet snow, despite the speed with which it stuck, and when I went out in the still chill evening after the storm had passed, to shovel the drive and the walkway, it was a double-puff duvet of white sparkling beauty. It wasn't heavy to lift, but after 45 minutes of shoveling—something I never do, because Anders always takes care of it—my wrists and arms and back were complaining rather sharply at the unexpected exercise. But, I just straightened and stretched and then bent back to it, determined to shovel the whole damn thing. I admit to cheating on the walkway between the house and the garage, though. I only shoveled half of it, and only as far as the door. But the whole driveway and the whole walkway up to the front door is clear.

Tomorrow, I intend to take a half day of work since I've been working late and weekends for what feels like ever. A half day doesn't even begin to make up for it, but it's at least a start. I'm hosting the Wonders here tomorrow night and I'm going grocery shopping and then I'm cooking. The house doesn't need to be cleaned because it's not gotten messed up or dirty all week. :) I found a magazine that had lots of yummy-looking photos of delicious-sounding recipes in it the last time I went to Press Stop: Donna Hay. She definitely seems like the foodie-Martha-Stewart of Australia, but I did find 3 of the recipes/photos so compelling and drooly-looking that I built my menu plan around them:
  • Artichoke & Feta Bruschetta
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Seared Asparagus Salad w/Spanish Romaine
  • Zucchini & Goat's Curd Tart*
  • Raspberry Pastry Batons w/White & Dark Chocolate
Sounds good, eh? The dessert has no recipe: I'm making it up as I go.

Debbie is the only one of the Wonders who is spending the night; though Emily has said she might I doubt she will. I was kind of hoping for a pajama party with all the girls since my family is still out of town, but Debbie & I will have fun staying up late talking even just the two of us.

Sparkly Glitter Girl Belated Birthday Wishes to Christina Rosalie!

*I'm planning on using chevre. Goat's curd sounds really nasty, doesn't it? But it just means soft goat cheese. This is the only one I could find a link for on the website.
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Pajama party of two feisty girls is still a party! Chick flicks galore?

Last time she stayed over we planned on watching chick flicks and instead stayed up talking until 3 a.m. :)

From Megsie

Oh, I love shoveling. And it is a really good work out isn't it? Your menu sounds divine, and the pajama party sounds even better. Hope you have fun! And the best part of this post is there is no cleaning that needs to be done! Hurray!

Re: From Megsie

It WAS a good workout! My arms and neck were sore the next day :) No cleaning for 2 more days!

Oh, I heart you and your sparkly birthday wishes! And DROOL. I want you to post all the recipes--of everything you actually make with full reviews of how it turns out, because I want to then make it. I'm so blah right now food wise. I need a serious dose of inspiration and this may well be it... (and yes, goats curd? GACK. What IS it anyway?)

Goat's curd is just soft goat's cheese. I used chevre and it was AWESOME: link to the recipe in the post: I can highly recommend that one. :)

Oh, hosting the Wonders sounds like a fun time in the making. Hope it was a good one. I am finally getting around to catching up on a few posts that I missed while I was away.
I went to yoga with my oldest daughter on this Thursday that you wrote this and had the same aches for two or three days plus in the gluts!

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