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One of my favorite bloggers made a comment on a post by another of my favorite bloggers that struck me. She was talking about to-do lists and said that she has been trying to make a to-do list for each day that only has THREE things on it, because three things almost always get done. There's no emergency about three things.

I like that idea. Another blogger that I like was making lists of 3 delightful things a day for awhile. I like that idea, too. Threes seem to work so well for so many different reasons. My to-do lists are never as short as that. They tend to be long and revolving, in the sense that as soon as half of the things have been crossed off, a new crop springs up which needs to be added. Life is a never-ending to-do list.

3 things that make me happy: good news for people I care about, trying a new recipe & having it turn out great, taking a much-needed half day off

3 things that bum me out: friends who cancel plans, waiting for the next book in a series to be published, not being able to sleep in

3 more things that make me happy: snow drifts, sunshine in winter, having things in their places

3 more things that bum me out: how quiet the Internet gets Friday nights, waiting (for anything), a computer clock that is 20 minutes slow and won't stay on time no matter what we try

3 things that I thought about today: that my family will be home in 2 days, that I need to lighten up, that spring isn't THAT far off

3 things that I am looking forward to: a meeting next week to discuss our work overload and ways to solve it, the optimistic plans to get home to the States this summer, lilacs

3 things I sometimes wonder about: why people drive so slowly in front of me, why people always wait until the last minute to send in their presentations for review, why I don't seem to find time for art these days

3 sites I've been enjoying lately: Gennine, thxthxthx, fortysixth at grace

3 things I plan to do this weekend: write a new to-do list, enjoy the last 2 days of clean & quiet, SLEEP IN.

What threes are on your mind?
mood: tired
music: kd lang—Extraordinary Thing

From Megsie

Well. I am blushing. I am thrilled that my lack of ambition intrigued you. Truthfully, I have been under the weather for about a week so I don't even HAVE a "to do" list right now. Slacker. I know. Three things that are on my mind are: My mom. My career. And, Dance Recital. We had Sarah and Katie's dress rehearsal tonight. Two shows tomorrow. Can't wait until they are over, even though they are THE BEST to watch. (My own kid's dances that is...the problem is that's only four dances in the whole 2 hour show!)

Hope you enjoy your last few days of "CLEAN and QUIET" ahhh, those two words are great together, aren't they? Hey! How did your dinner go? And the Sleep over?

I tried the Open ID thing, so I am looking forward to seeing what will happen!

Re: From Megsie

The OpenID worked! Let's see if you get this response :) I'm loving my last few days of "clean & quiet"...those two words go together so seldom in my life, how could I not enjoy the heck out of it?

The dinner went great, except one friend who didn't come because the roads were slick and the weather threatening. The other 3 braved it, but were really late (it was blizzarding where they were coming from, while I didn't have anything but wind). But the one that was going to spend the night didn't since she drove the others.

Re: From Megsie

That is a bummer. It is too bad that instead of your sleep-over friend changing HER plans the other two changed THEIRS, then you would have had a full fledged sleep-over! It sucks when you look forward to something like that and the ding-dang weather ruins it.

Joy here

Three things on my mind? Hmmmmm, okay...

1) The crazy dream I had where I was searching and searching for my hotel receipt before I could leave. There was a cab waiting and I asked him for 5 more minutes! I had to wake myself up, tell me it was a dream and that I did not have to find it!

2) I took the whole day off from school because I could! I don't have classes on Fridays and I did no homework. Bad, but I needed it.

3) The homework I need to do this weekend!

Re: Joy here

Days off are a Very Good Thing!


3 things I think about: my 3 Kids, the to-do list that is being ignored, my purpose in life .
3 things that make me happy: traveling, full moon/clear sky nights, Haagen-dazs Reserve- pomegranate chip ice cream.
3 things I am looking forward to: warmer weather, lower numbers on my scale, my Kids/Grandkids coming to visit. Lizardmom

I checked the HD case at the grocery store twice: no pomegranate chip, sadly.


Will take that up again! :) Once my turbulent start of the year begins to slow down a bit. Gosh things have been happening so fast my head is like trying to catch up with the rest of me so to speak!

Love your threes!

Three things I am happy about today: 1) The beautiful winter outside 2) My new job! 3) Fika with a friend today


I can't wait to hear more about your new job!!

three goods: finding the value in every day, raspberry chocolate coffee, making my children happy.

and really, it's all good.

You good? You seem good.


I'm pretty good. At least for the most part. I like your threes. :)

Three great feelings:
- Nailing the hardest piano song in our church repertoire after someone requested it yesterday (I didn't mention to the rest of the hyperventilating band that I had practiced it for two weeks straight... hehe)
- Watching the sun rise this morning (and turning it into a blog entry)
- Rocking my sweet two-year-old before her nap

And one more:
- Turning on my computer and catching up with all you kindred spirits scattered across the globe

And maybe one more after that:
- Writing lists, though I seem to have trouble keeping them short. Obviously.

You are great at writing lists! Who cares whether they are short when they are so genuine?!

3 things that delight me right now (and I would have much more to say about "to do Lists" and what not if I didn't need to get going to do some cooking for tomorrow's Mad Hatter's Tea Party while my roomy is at her Spanish class....)

Oh, back to 3 things that delight me right now:

I just found this brilliant recipe for Bon Bons!

I got absolutely excited last night when I discovered that with a little bit of squishing my boobs up to where thay used to live before gravity took over (a long time ago) I can actually get the costume/dress that I want to wear for the tea party zipped! I can get it zipped! And I can even breathe while it's zipped! hurray.

I found enough cheap tea cups and saucers yesterday at St. Vinnies for the tea party (we have plenty of mugs, but not proper tea cups.) Oh, did I mention that we are hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea Party tomorrow?

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