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One of my favorite bloggers made a comment on a post by another of my favorite bloggers that struck me. She was talking about to-do lists and said that she has been trying to make a to-do list for each day that only has THREE things on it, because three things almost always get done. There's no emergency about three things.

I like that idea. Another blogger that I like was making lists of 3 delightful things a day for awhile. I like that idea, too. Threes seem to work so well for so many different reasons. My to-do lists are never as short as that. They tend to be long and revolving, in the sense that as soon as half of the things have been crossed off, a new crop springs up which needs to be added. Life is a never-ending to-do list.

3 things that make me happy: good news for people I care about, trying a new recipe & having it turn out great, taking a much-needed half day off

3 things that bum me out: friends who cancel plans, waiting for the next book in a series to be published, not being able to sleep in

3 more things that make me happy: snow drifts, sunshine in winter, having things in their places

3 more things that bum me out: how quiet the Internet gets Friday nights, waiting (for anything), a computer clock that is 20 minutes slow and won't stay on time no matter what we try

3 things that I thought about today: that my family will be home in 2 days, that I need to lighten up, that spring isn't THAT far off

3 things that I am looking forward to: a meeting next week to discuss our work overload and ways to solve it, the optimistic plans to get home to the States this summer, lilacs

3 things I sometimes wonder about: why people drive so slowly in front of me, why people always wait until the last minute to send in their presentations for review, why I don't seem to find time for art these days

3 sites I've been enjoying lately: Gennine, thxthxthx, fortysixth at grace

3 things I plan to do this weekend: write a new to-do list, enjoy the last 2 days of clean & quiet, SLEEP IN.

What threes are on your mind?
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