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Yesterday, when I drove to work, everything was coated with hoarfrost, making the trees look like diamond-bright winter caricatures of their leafy green summer selves. No chance to take photos, since I didn't have a camera with me, and the frost had melted by evening.

Crisp and clear and blindingly sunny today; our backyard is a pristine white blanket of snow. I filled the bird feeder and hung it in front of the kitchen window. There are no berries on anything, the birds have stripped every bush and tree clean. Most of the birds I saw today were sitting hunched and puffed on branches, conserving their energy: it's COLD. I could hear songbirds singing and saw little finches in the lilacs along the snail trail. They all went about their business as long as I was moving, but the second I slowed down to look more closely at them or raised my camera, off they flew. The 2 dogs I passed today, out walking with their owners, were HUGE. A giant stately black Great Dane and a massive Mastiff with a head twice the size of my own.

I forgot a scarf so by the time I reached the snail trail I was tucking my chin and lower face down into my parka and fogging up my glasses with every breath. For the most part it was so quiet! No kids out sledding on the hill above our neighborhood; it's developed a belly-slammer of a drop-off right in the middle of the slope. I took a few photos before getting the exhausted batteries warning on the screen, and one quick 360-degree movie of my walk, where I stopped back behind the new meadow and turned in a circle. That's not a laser in the video: it's the sun! Bizarre effect, though. Beam me up, Scotty!

Click here for a quick 360 degrees on a winter walk in Flyinge

They're watching you!

Snowy snail trail

There's a little creek that runs along the snail trail. It's frozen over (and I wouldn't be surprised if it was frozen solid), but that hasn't stopped scores of small animals from venturing down to try their luck for a drink.

*Title from a poem by Ogden Nash
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Glad to hear that you're out walking....Maybe I had best try it also! :0
The photos are beautiful. Love, Lizardmom

It snowed again last night and it's still coming down and I just saw it's supposed to snow all week. This is the snowiest winter EVER in my 13 years!


I know- I read that too- can't believe it! Think you're getting MY snow...I'm not complaining! Last year was the most I've seen in Michigan and this year nearly zip! enjoy! Love, Lizardmom

As long as we're getting the sunshine, too! :)

I don't know why exactly, but winter is not bothering me this year. I am loving it. But then it's only the end of January. I wonder how long I will hang in there?

Gorgeous walk, you.

It's not bothering me either...I love snow. Even when it's a pain, it's better than rain ANYTIME. :) And after 13 years here, that feeling is just more and more reinforced. We're getting more snow now :)

The trees have eyes! How I wish someone plowed and sanded a path for us here...

They're watching you! They plow all the paths here, usually, as well as the roads, but they don't salt in the village, so the snow on the streets stays there and gets reall icy. They do put gravel down, but it doesn't help that much.

From Megsie

I LOVE hoarfrost. It is my favorite thing in the winter. So beautiful! It is funny how much Sweden looks like Minnesota. You could have been walking in the park by my house! I kinda wish you were....

Re: From Megsie

I kinda wish I was, too! Or at least that wherever we WERE walking was close enough so I could stop in, or you could :)

Can I come along on your next walk? Snow, especially in quantities like you seem to get, will always be magical to Texas-born-and-raised me. :) And I can't believe how quiet everything was in your video! Do you live out in the country?

We're getting a TON of snow this year, along with unprecented amounts of sunshine. Usually, winter in southern Sweden is just grey and wet, so we're all ecstatic about this year's season.

And I live out in a little country village: very quiet :)

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