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It's been blizzarding all day: snowing sideways roundabout upsidedown. There is snow on half the windows and condensation on the others, which makes it very difficult to see out, when we look to see if it's still snowing...which it always is. Clifford the Big Red Rock is sitting in over a foot of snow with a whitecap on his head. All my shoveling gone for naught! If I didn't have to drive 2 kids to school tomorrow and if I didn't have a Very Important Meeting first thing in the morning, I might be tempted to play the snowed-in card. Actually, if it keeps up like this all night, I might have no choice but to play it! It will be the only card in my hand! I'll at least have to get up earlier than I would like in order to clear a path, de-snow the car and scrape the windows. *sigh*

The Very Important Meeting is to talk over the gigantic pile of work that has been cascading over us the past few months (much like snow, come to think of it), and what to do about it. I've been feeling on the edge of snapping for weeks now, and hopefully this will be a first step at figuring out some solutions. Some solutions must be found, because I can't take much more. I had lunch with my long-lost friend Geena today which was awesome since I haven't seen her in a DOG'S AGE. Would that be 7 years? Well, it's not been that long, but it's been a long time, anyway. She looked great and it was so nice to hear about how great things are going and how happy she is with her life. The best thing about Geena is that you always get to hear about how happy she is with her life, because her life is just how she wants it. :)

I've found a couple of fun sites recently: India Knight's Posterous, Picture Book Report

Argh I say to my crashy computer. Cut it out! The clock is half an hour slow, the explorer stops working all the time and I can't have more than 3 tabs open in the web browser without it freezing up like a PCsicle! ARGHITY.

I had the last piece of the Zucchini & Chèvre Tart tonight for dinner and now I am sad because it's all gone. Damn, that was good.

It took me only a week to completely edit and publish 2009. A week! To edit an entire year's worth of entries and photos and blabbiter lickum. Granted, it was a family-free week which meant I didn't have to wrest computer time from any kicking and screaming preadolescents, but still! Speedy editing, eller hur?

I need some new music. Music for walking to. Music for listening to over and over. Music that makes me tap my toes and swing my hips. Rec me!

Edited to add: I just looked out the window again. The walkway that I shoveled 2 days ago, that was CLEAR this morning has TWO FRICKIN' FEET OF SNOW IN IT.
mood: chipper
music: none! REC ME!


Yup, we're sick and tired of snow too. Music rec - Pink Martini.


I'm not actually sick and tired of it, but shoveling is HARD. :)

Joy here

Just think, there would be a lot more snow to shovel on that sidewalk, if you hadn't already shoveled!

Did you know that if it only snows 6 inches or so, the majority of it lands on the car? HAA I tell you, even having less snow, it sure was a pain to dig out the car!


Re: Joy here

I think MOST of it is on the car, or behind it. I had to dig out the driveway that had been plowed IN while I was at work today before I could park the car in it!


We got to love winter don't we? LOL! I enjoy it, but since I live in an apartment, I don't have to shovel! Some benefits of living in a big buiding with a bunch of other people that you didn't choose. haha!


I sure love winter when it snows! So much nicer than last year when it was just grey and dark and wet. :)

I played the snowed-in card today cause I just didn't want to wrestle with the car and the road we live on hasn't been ploughed all winter (grr).

Luckily we live at walking distance from the preschool, but poor Sofia almost got stuck a few times in the snow.

Also: Zucchini and chevré tart? Recipe please?

The recipe is linked on the post where I first talked about it, or you can find it on my Facebook page :)

Björn and I decided to quit shoveling. Snow wins. The only place we HAVE to go is me walking between the little cabin and the big one - and I think it's FUN to tramp through snow up to my private bits. I parked the car up beside where the snow plow runs so we don't need to shovel the driveway anymore.

Which is an example of that thing where I have a happy life...I think I just decide to darn well be happy no matter what. Plus just having sushi with you and driving in the snow and finding a new parking garage I didn't know about and finding a shoemaker are all things that make me happy. :-)

Let's book another one, shall we? I could do it again the 9th of March, for exampel...

Deciding to be happy about your situation is more than half the battle. :)

I will check my work calendar tomorrow and let you know if March 9th works for me...I think so, but just need to make sure I don't have any meetings.

I just checked, and I can do it. I have a meeting from 10-11 before, but do you want to come by at 11:30 again and we'll head into town?

Woohooo! It's a date!

From Megsie

I hope your meeting goes well today. It sounds like y'all need to reshuffle the workload. We got snow yesterday and the day before and now it looks so beautiful again. I love how it sparkles. I am sorry I don't have any music suggestions. I am stuck in the same rut that I have been for years and it is embarrassing to admit. Happy Shoveling!

Re: From Megsie

We've got 2 feet and more is coming down. It's SO BEAUTIFUL. Even if I DO have to shovel it myself. The neighbor actually helped me today! Wasn't that nice?

We have tons of snow up here, too. Took 1½ hours for both of us to shovel the driveway this morning. Ugh!

Slow computers make me sad. I want to come down there and make it work better for you!

It's not exactly that it's slow, just gets easily borked. Freeze! urgh.

If anyone in the family wants to put on the computer tech hat and has some hour(s) on their hands, you could try to download a program called HijackThis. It may sound a bit dangerous, but is a really good program that not only will help your antivirus program and find spyware. It will also detect inconsistencies in the system and generally try to make your computer both faster and more reliable. However it is not entirely automagical and can be left on during the night, a bit of human interaction, know-how and common sense is required for full effects.

I'm so glad you have snow and I don't.
Happy friend = fun friend. Yay.

Yeah, that's where I'm at. I am so happy for you and Geena that you get to have snow instead of me. We've had some snow, don't get me wrong, and more is sure to come, but I'll take a pass on the snow whenever I can get one.


hah! I laugh at your edited portion. So sorry! But in my neck of the woods it is very mild. I thought of you while sitting at a traffic light and I saw a guy driving with his convertible top down. Just sending a vision your way . . . cause spring is just around the corner!

Re: TWO?

Heee! Yes, but last year we got NONE. This year, we've had 4 feet altogether: it's CRAZY!

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