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Two nights ago it was snowing again, kramsnö this time as the Swedes call it. Kram means hug. Hug snow! The kind that sticks, the kind that you lift your face up for and stick your tongue out to. The kind that mashes down just right in your mittened hands to form a perfect snowball; the kind that you can roll about the yard in serpentine trails that lead to a snowman's body and torso and head.

We've had an awful lot of the powder snow, the light glittery kind that sifts and blows and shines like diamonds in any scrap of light. But beautiful as it is, it's not nearly as satisfying as the real stuff. Anyway, because it was snowing and rather late, I thought I'd wait on the re-shoveling and just deal with the next day when I came home. It didn't snow very long so the next morning there was only a dusting on the car and the accumulation on top of what we already had wasn't that much to speak of. The streets in our village weren't plowed yet, that early in the morning, so driving was a bit of a slippery challenge, especially whenever we went around a corner, but no worries.

As we drove into the village at the end of the day, I was glad to see the streets had been plowed...until we turned the last corner and I saw that our driveway (which is three cars plus wide) was completely plowed in: to the tune of two feet high and two feet wide and 10 feet long. AAGH. I couldn't even pull the car into the driveway!

Nothing for it, but to park the car in the street, climb over the embankment, fetch the shovel and start digging. I figured there was no point in shoveling the barrier behind the Volvo: Anders is gone for 2 weeks and it wasn't going anywhere soon, so I just started removing the piled up snow that was blocking MY car's entrance. Kramsnö is HEAVY. A quarter of the way through the dike, I straightened up, stretched my aching back and yelled over to my next-door neighbor, who was ALSO unshoveling her plowed-in driveway: "I don't think it's so pretty anymore!"

Back to laboring: chunk, lift, fling; chunk, lift, fling...and suddenly another shovel was next to mine, also digging in, and I looked up to see my across-the-street neighbor smile at me and say, "Looks like you could use some help!" I was halfway done, so he helped me finish it off, clearing the whole driveway space so that I could get the car up. Wasn't that nice?

We don't really know our neighbors well. We all smile and wave at each other on sight and say hello and once in awhile someone will stop and chat for a moment, but nothing much more than that. I know that the people in the six houses in the block across the street hang out with each other to some degree, but we're not part of that circle. They're all quite a bit younger with much younger children, and we're all just busy with our separate lives, I guess. Anyway, I thought it was very neighborly. And I noticed afterward how much the snow was sparkling again.

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What a great thing! I find that snow can often bring out the friendliness in people. Three years ago, a trio of young guys helped my car out of ice when it suddenly froze after a rain storm and I was in a 3" puddle. I was on my way to a final and chopping with a shovel as best I could and they showed up out of nowhere and had me out within 10 minutes. It was one of the most hopeful and optimistic experiences I've ever had, that kind of kindness from strangers. :) I never saw them again, either, and I know 90% of the folks in the neighborhood at least by sight.

It sure is nice to have stories like that to offset the ones that aren't quite so pleasant :)

Help is always wonderful, and unexpected help even more so.

Amen, sister!

From Megsie

Oh, yes. The heavy wet stuff. Great for building, bad for shoveling...and for your back. I am so glad you had help. NOW: Go Build!!

And OMG! Those lollipops! Wow. YUM. I want some!

Re: From Megsie

I know! Don't they look divine?!

Mmm, clean snow with maple syrup on it is a treat I haven't had for years, but my kids always begged for it. YUM. Eating snow is much better than digging snow.
What a sweet gesture on your neighbor's part.

I don't know that I've ever had it. ...I remember thinking it sounded really cool when I read about it in Little House, though :)

I had forgotten that was in the "Little House" books. Somewhere I got the idea before I read the books to my kidlets, but those books re-inforced their desire to eat snow.

It's strange how few people realise how much smoother life is if you just help each other out instead of sitting in your car, grumpily watching as someone else is trying frantically to dig out their car so everyone can get going.

I love Luxirare's blog! She makes amazing stuff. She made some kind of crab salad stuffed in a discarded avocado shell, froze/chilled it then rolled it in crushed nuts. It looked amazing!

I'm still exploring that blog, seems like there is a ton of great stuff on it!


That was very nice! And you're right, kindness does make things more beautiful.

Happy weekend and sushi night!


Thank you! It's been a good evening so far: very relaxing!


It's nice to see someone celebrating the snow! I'm so tired of it in these parts, and we've got maybe another two months of it. :)


We haven't had this much snow in YEARS, so it's a treat :) I expect we'll probably have at least another month, too, maybe more. We're supposed to get snow again this week.


What a beautiful headline!! :)


I thought so, too!

How sweet! Not only the good neighbors, but your observations of snow. I love this post.

We're getting more snow this week, it's been forecast, so maybe he'll come and help again! haha!


Kramsno- how wonderful that sounds! Lucky you- finally getting it all in one season! :0 Delighted to hear that someone realized that you could use some help! Love, Lizardmom


Kramsno- how wonderful that sounds. Great for you to finally get all that snow, even if it is all in just 1 season! Delighted to hear that someone noticed you could use some help! Love, Lizardmom


Hey- what happened? I posted the first then got the secret words -so sent that , only to have it show again because the second time the post was empty - so I rewrote this- please eliminate the second! Love, Lizardmom

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