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In January I passed my 13th anniversary of our move to Sweden, and later that month a cousin of mine finally made the move here. She's also married to a Swede, but because of their careers they've been commuting back and forth from Sweden to the US for TEN YEARS. She said part of the reason for the decision to finally choose one place was motivated by how tired her husband was starting to look. I'm boggled that it took that long, but delighted that they chose Sweden.

My mom's family is huge—her dad had 7 sisters and a brother and all but 2 of them had kids who had kids who have kids (who are now starting to have kids). Katie is my mom's cousin's kid, which I think makes her my first cousin once removed. Or maybe she's my second cousin? I never could keep it straight how that works. Anyway, mostly we just say cousins. I don't know her family well, and have only met her a few times but my mom's family is totally COOL, and she's one of the coolest. She and her husband have a daughter that is close to Karin's age and I'm looking forward to getting to know them all better.

When my mom was here we were talking about how many people in our extended family have married foreigners and/or live abroad. Besides myself and Katie, I have another cousin in Berlin and my brother in southern Germany; a cousin married to a German who lives in the States and another cousin who lives in Russia (for work) and yet another who is married to a Canadian—that totally counts!

Katie blogs, too...and she's witty and interesting and is making me sympathize with the daily dramas of moving to a new's easy after so long here to forget what it was like when I first arrived. Figuring out the language and the driving and culture and all the little myriad mysteries of life in a place that seems so much like home on the surface but which constantly surprises you with the differences. I hope that her transition and experience here will be as positive as mine has been. Go give her some love: Falling Monkeys


Have I left you hanging about something? Is there something I've forgotten to follow up on; a story that you never heard the end of? Let me know and I'll answer your questions!


Three Delightful Things About Today: Unexpected avocados, Rice Krispie Treats from a friend, Anders home in a couple of hours!


Friends come from the most unexpected places when you're a blogger. The quality of the people I have met online and become friends with, and sometimes met, continues to amaze me. And one the most wonderful of them is celebrating a birthday today. Barrels of Bunny-Soft Birthday Wishes to the Magical Bluepoppy. May you live long & prosper! XO!
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awhile back

Awhile back you mentioned something about what really happened in 1992. What is that all about?

Re: awhile back

Heh. That's none of anyone's business :) Sorry!

Maybe I haven't been reading your blog long enough, but I'd love to hear some about YOUR transition time after moving to Sweden. Embarrassing moments and all (especially the embarrassing moments... hehe) -- it would make me feel better about all the bungles I've made since transplanting myself across the sea. :)

Heh! I think I've successfully blocked out most of the trauma :P I didn't start blogging until August 2003, long after my move to Sweden at the beginning of 1997. BUT I honestly don't think I HAD that many embarassing moments. I had lived in Europe already for 6 years as a teenager, so it wasn't completely foreign, and I think most of my mishaps have been fairly minor, thank goodness! I doubt others think you have bungled as much as you probably think so—we tend to be much less forgiving of our own mistakes than others are. :)

Joy here

Just a random or trivial question since you asked! Ha I was reading someone's blog (not sure but think I was reading from your friend's list of blogs...) and they mentioned someone named Anders but then, the wife's name was not Liz but started with a P. Hmmmm, maybe P! That got me thinking about your husband's name... is Anders a common Sweden name?

Re: Joy here

Yep, it sure is. It's one of the most common Swedish boys' names. :) It's actually of Greek origin, means "man" !

This is how to comment, right?

I thought "pet the kitty" was the LiveJournal equivalent of Facebook's "Like". I'm so with it.

I am fairly certain that the laws of intestacy have it so that we are second cousins because we are the children (equal level) of first cousins. Your son, Martin is my second cousin once removed because he is a generation (level) up or down from you and me. Your mom is my second cousin once removed, also, for the same reasoning. It should follow that Martin and Karin are third cousins to Sydney. Thrilling stuff, sorry, and ours is the only family I know that has to worry about this many levels and generations. It's a good problem to have. I have photos of us all that make the Kennedy clan and renegade Mormon collectives look like amateurs.

I didn't know you had a blog! This is great. I'm going to work on my sidebar this weekend and get you in there. You enjoy yours with your family.

Re: This is how to comment, right?

I've been blogging since 2003, it's the best thing going. :) Pet the kitty is my own version of "please comment", and yes, you did it right! Can't wait to see you and your girls next week...I'll call you this weekend just to check in about planning and timing.

Re: This is how to comment, right?

Dear Second Cousin to Liz: I have just read your blog from start to finish, commented twice and added it to my daily feed.

Just the few entries you have written make me suspect that you and I are cousins in spirit.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Re: This is how to comment, right?

Bringing the world together: one kindred spirit at a time :)

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Re: This is how to comment, right?

And not for the first time. I'm pretty sure MOST of my Swedish connections happened through you.

Social butterfly :-)

Re: This is how to comment, right?

Guilty as charged! :D

From Megsie

I am still a little in awe of you (and Bethany) that you live in a whole 'nother country. I am such a homebody, and I lived in the same CITY most of my life, and in the same HOUSE. (Which will always be MY house no matter who is actually living there.) I get home-sick when I am on vacation. I cannot imagine leaving. Except when it is 30 below zero. Or, when I have to shovel the end of the driveway after the plow has gone by. Then I dream of tropical islands with white sandy beaches. I am off to read your cousin's if I need another blog to read, I am SWAMPED right now anyway. But you know, I WILL.

*Glad Anders is back at home where he belongs :)*

Re: From Megsie

Well, I don't know about Bethany, but being a military brat (and living abroad for 6 years as a teenager) certainly shaped my life and my ability to move about. :) And haha! I know what you mean about not having time for yet another blog...but somehow there is always time for the good stuff, eh?

thank you thank you!!!

best part of blogging is DEFINITELY meeting YOU!!!

bisous, bp

Re: thank you thank you!!!


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