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  • blurry eyes and re-occurring eye infections
  • dry skin
  • cleaning out the front hall closet and maybe some other closets while I'm at it
  • getting going walking again
  • summer vacation plans
  • serious book purging—there is no room left on my shelves. Maybe I just need more shelves?
  • putting photos in photo albums
  • long-neglected tape to PC project
  • spring cleaning. Like, seriously. When was the last time we moved furniture and cleaned behind it? It can't be good that I can't remember.
  • magazine purging—WHY do we have dozens of archives boxes full of old magazines we never look at? Martha Stewart Living IS pretty but honestly, where does the madness end?
  • a new toaster
  • a new shower curtain liner
  • those awesome girlfriend emergency kits that Jeanine talked about last year that I want to do for the Wonders
  • that mole on my back that I keep forgetting about because I can't see it
  • reciprocal invitations for 2 couples that had us over for dinner
  • my tendency to snap first and think later
  • the constant urge to snack
That ought to keep me busy the rest of the year, eh?
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