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zird is the word [userpic]
  • blurry eyes and re-occurring eye infections
  • dry skin
  • cleaning out the front hall closet and maybe some other closets while I'm at it
  • getting going walking again
  • summer vacation plans
  • serious book purging—there is no room left on my shelves. Maybe I just need more shelves?
  • putting photos in photo albums
  • long-neglected tape to PC project
  • spring cleaning. Like, seriously. When was the last time we moved furniture and cleaned behind it? It can't be good that I can't remember.
  • magazine purging—WHY do we have dozens of archives boxes full of old magazines we never look at? Martha Stewart Living IS pretty but honestly, where does the madness end?
  • a new toaster
  • a new shower curtain liner
  • those awesome girlfriend emergency kits that Jeanine talked about last year that I want to do for the Wonders
  • that mole on my back that I keep forgetting about because I can't see it
  • reciprocal invitations for 2 couples that had us over for dinner
  • my tendency to snap first and think later
  • the constant urge to snack
That ought to keep me busy the rest of the year, eh?
mood: determined
music: George Michael—Faith

From Megsie

Is it bad that I am laughing out loud? I could use some determination. My vote is for buying new shelves :) I would pull out my BAGS of pictures and we could work together on photo albums. I am afraid that alone would take us months. We could walk together too. I am actually thinking that Thursday is the day when I begin again. I need to get some inserts for my boots first, but really? It has been way too long. We have way too many magazines too, and I don't even read them! I love the girlfriend emergency kits! I just read about them yesterday. And, well, I have been WASTING time playing pathwords on Facebook for the past I don't know how long. And, ummm....I ate a BAG of POPCHIPS while playing. I didn't realize it until I put my hand in the bag and it was EMPTY. Nice. I didn't know you swore like a sailor until I read your cousin's blog. It is so nice to be in good company. I am thinking I should go do dishes and in my head I am thinking a word that starts with *F* because I really don't want to. Off I go! Happy Valentine's Day!

Re: From Megsie

I didn't know YOU swore like a sailor. Somehow I can't see it...only when there are chores to do, perhaps? :D

I'm staring tomorrow, dammit. TOMORROW.

Re: From Megsie

A lot of people can't see it. I am a teacher, right? I have very good censoring, so people are SHOCKED when there are no kids around. Even my husband!

Thursday for me! Have a great day!

Re: From Megsie

Haa! My husband has moved beyond shock into despair. :D

That's a long list Liz.

I know! Wish me luck!

You're still having trouble with your eyes? What a nuisance! Also, it doesn't sound good. I can't remember what they said about it but I'm glad to see that at the top of the list.

I need to make the appointment...they've been bad for way too long and I need a round toit!!

Two things have really helped my skin. A supplement called Efamol which is GLA oil. And after a shower I rub my skin with oil while still wet. I don't use lotion anymore because of all the additives. Weleda has great ones, but most of the time I just buy a plain old oil at the healthcare store like almond or a blend of raps and something else.

My eyes were giving me hell for the longest time and I thought it was from being dry and computer screens. It was allergies. Weird since I didn't feel particularly allergic at the time.

That's exactly what I thought was wrong with my eyes...I never even thought about allergies, though why would that be bothering me when it's the dead of winter? Hrm. Definitely need to make that appointment!

Btw....I don't rub myself with GLA...haha. I read that now and it sounded like it. I take the supplement and use other oils.

I kept using all kinds of drops to moisturize to no avail. I finally took out my allergy drops (Lomdaul or something like that which are receptfri). Two drops x 2 and it was gone. I felt like a chump since I'd been fighting with it forever.

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