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Good: a gift of REAL cinnamon buns from a friend

Not so Good: the amount of sweets I've been stuffing my face with lately

Good: another several inches of excellent sparkly packing snow. Nope. Still not tired of it :)

Not so Good: Anders' plane being delayed due to the weather

Good: a lovely evening of book talk with a bunch of bookworms

Not So Good: nobody really liked the book. Sorry, Graham Greene, no love for you.

Good: catching up with my family via an ongoing round-robin email

Not So Good: haven't talked to my mom in WEEKS

Good: The Norwegian Men's Olympic Curling Team's Pants: AWESOME

Not So Good: Ice Dancer Fashion Failures: EEK!, ALSO HAHAHAHA!

Good: have all the necessary pieces to get Martin's passport—FINALLY

Not So Good: haven't started pricing tickets home to the States

Good: the book I just finished—The Little Book by Selden Edwards

Not So Good: how low my books to read pile has gotten. Hej! just an excuse for re-reading some old favorites!
mood: tired
music: Savage Garden—To the Moon and Back


Oh, that ice dancer fashion faux pas link had me crying with laughter in my office!

Wasn't that great? A banner year!

Your pile of books is low! Oh no! Disaster!

From Megsie

Good: A new post from you

Not So Good: No ideas to post over at my little piece of the internet

Good: Done with my book

Not So Good: No real discussion during bookclub

Good: Friday tomorrow!

Not So Good: Jam-Packed day tomorrow, and I am tired thinking about it


Re: From Megsie

This is the sort of post I come up with when I don't have any ideas but am still determined to post :)


I want those pants for myself! Just for that, I'm going to force my husband to watch curling with me. (Aside: Italian television is TERRIBLE about broadcasting the Olympics. As in, they just don't. During the last summer Olympics, they only showed rowing and fencing. And all we have seen of the Winter Olympics so far on Italian TV is one awards ceremony. ZERO SPORTS. So we've been doing all sorts of top-secret fancy proxy server stuff to watch NBC online... which allows us to skip the Bob Costas commentary and is really not so bad a deal after all. How is the coverage in Sweden?)

The coverage here is actually pretty good, and we also get Eurosport. But I haven't really watched that much. I catch some online as well.

Love this list. Love YOU. When you come to the states, PLEASE let's make some time together happen!
(I'm with you on the ice dancing costume failures! GRIN.)

I would love to but not sure how we'll make it work. If (still an if), we make it for summer vacation, we'll be in Michigan, and possibly (hopefully) a few days in Chicago. I'm still waiting to hear if anything will happen with a work trip this fall, since the marketing manager is new and I don't know the dates of the conference yet. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Fingers promptly crossed.

Although hmmm... I've always wanted to visit Chicago in the summer...


Well, if Chicago doesn't work - you could always come to Michigan in the summer. I'm near Port Huron. Love, Lizardmom

Ohhh... that would be sooo fun! It would be so great to see you again too! xoxox!

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