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A slow, quiet dance through the day. No plans and no real motivation to do much. Nothing needed cleaning except the daily cycle of dishes in and out of the sink before and after each meal. One book read yesterday, one read today; both have sequels coming out in several months: I hate having to wait, would rather order them immediately online. What does it say about me that the pinnacle of my ambition on a lazy weekend is to sleep in, read a book, watch a movie, take a nap?

I laughed at the kids after we'd thrown them out into the snow and watched them romping in giant stomping strides around the house. They were crawling across the ice-encrusted foot of snow in the backyard, trying not to break through, as if there were a lake beneath them instead of the crunchy hidden lawn. They brought me the pieces of the bird feeder that the crows and magpies had discovered and violently deconstructed. I washed off the ice and snow, dried it, refilled it with bird seed. The little birds hadn't found it at all and if it hadn't fallen during a gale the last time, it might have stayed hanging there, filled forever. I'd rather feed the small ones than the big sturdy birds with their firm footprints in the snow. The crows are nesting in the garage again. They fly in under the rafters and wriggle their way through. Come spring we'll find a huge mess inside of dropped branches and dirt and guano if we don't keep chasing them out again.

Everyone's heart is beating hard for spring. Beneath the snow things are happening, warmth is coming, green is growing. It's still February and I still love this quiet white world but I can acknowledge the pull—the wish for the thaw, for short sleeves, for that wild feeling of joy that spring bestows. I need it too, to push me from this hibernatory tendency; this bear-like and grizzly burrowing that keeps me moving so slowly. I'll be ready when it comes and greet it with open arms.
mood: recumbent
music: The Box Tops—The Letter


I love the pinnacle of your ambition; both the phrase and your desires. What a lovely way for a very busy woman to recharge and nourish.

Sending spring-like thoughts, images, sleeves, and vibes your way. Eventually, you will be eating sushi in the sunshine baby!

I don't feel so much busy as chicken with my head cut off right now. This too shall pass. But I am definitely starting to jones for spring. It snowed again today. No end in sight! Hrm.


I'm wintering in today too- we got at least 6 inches. This is only the third time this winter we've gotten a nice storm- and I was away for the other two. It's beautiful and I'm wishing for some snow angels and snowmen in the yard. What I had this week were coyote tracks right up to my deck! Apparently they were checking on the varmits who live under there! A good day for a good book! Love, Lizardek

By the time we get there, there won't be any desire for snow angels and snowmen!! In fact, there's NO DESIRE FOR THEM HERE ANYMORE! :D

From Megsie

I am feeling the same way. Big flakes are twirling down as I type this. I want Spring, but I don't. I am enjoying the rhythm of the school days now that we don't have soccer and swimming and dance and hockey. We only have dance and hockey. Much more leisurely. I have so much to get done before the pull to be outside invades. But, spring is coming, there are tell tale signs everywhere.

And, I think your ambition for a lazy weekend with reading and napping and movies sound down right luxurious.

Re: From Megsie

We've got the usual activities going on, but it's okay...this week is winter break, though so only socer, and the kids are home (well, they're at farmor & farfar's for 2 days as of tonight) but we're working.

More snow when I woke up this morning. It's gonna be a major meltdown come Spring!

"Everyone's heart is beating hard for spring... for that wild feeling of joy that spring bestows..."

It's not a concept I ever got while growing up in perpetually-warm Texas, but boy do I get it now. I actually think snow would make winter easier to get through; anything other than this constant gray chill. Well, besides soggy Texas winters that bumble through a barely perceptible spring straight into HOT. No, I'm not a patriotic type. :)

I don't think patriotism takes weather into account. :D Part of the reason why I am trying so hard not to mentally hurry winter away is that we so rarely get snow here, and if we weren't having snow we'd be having the kind of awful, dark, sodden grey rainy BLEARGH that we usually have. No, thanks! I'll take too much snow over that ANY day!

For some reason tonight that line: "Everyone's heart is beating hard for spring" just about brought me to tears. Exactly the way it is.

lub dub lub dub lub dub! :)


I heard the birds yesterday and I saw a little bit of crocus greenery before we got more snow. :( I'm ready for spring.


Even the pheasants here are desperate...they were tearing at the bits of old grass near the edge of the house where the snow has actually receded.

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