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It's no secret that we would love to have a pet with fur. And no secret that we, sadly, can't; at least not of the dog or cat variety (and the other choices aren't palatable or preferred). So we dog- and cat-sit whenever we have a chance, with the caveat that it can't be for more than week, which is approximately how long it takes for Anders to break out the inhaler or my eyes to start itching like crazy.

I'm a confirmed cat-person and my willingness to dog-sit is mostly done for the sake of my children, even though I usually really enjoy the dog's company, too, for the limited time we have one around. But I confess that the getting up early part, and the going out in the rain and snow and cold with a dog is not really my idea of a good time. Even if it would be nice to have a full-time dog so that I had NO CHOICE but to go walking more often, it's not a choice I would make if it was just my own preferences in question. Since we have no choice, however, we make the most of the pet-sitting opportunities that come our way, and the electric smile on the face of my daughter as she's tug-of-warring with a temporary dog or Martin's desire to move his bed from the loft to the floor so that the pet-in-residence can more easily reach him for prime cuddling time is well worth any inconvenience to my sleep-in habit.

We've had our friend Angie's dog, Chelsea, since Thursday night, and it's been great. Both the kids have been in dog heaven, uncomplainingly getting up before dawn when Chelsea comes wagging in with a thwacking tail and a full bladder. Angie's coming tomorrow night to pick Chelsea up, though, and I can't say I'll be sorry, exactly, even though she's a GREAT dog, make no mistake. 5 days of dog-ownership, once every so often, is just about right for me, even if the younger contingent in the household disagrees.

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At least you know what you're allergic TO. I'm just allergic. I just gave up COFFEE because I suspected it of causing day-long sneezing fits. This photo of Karin is just precious.

I'm often thankful that I don't have any food-related allergies. I have friends who have developed them at my age, and have had to drastically change their eating habits. I can't imagine (though it would probably be good for me). I've known what I was allergic to since I was in my 20s: cats, grasses, ragweed, some trees. And now birch, after 13 years in Sweden. I never heard of anyone being allergic to COFFEE though.


What a beautiful photo! I love dogs too. And wouldn't mind having one, if I had a family. And my mother's dog Zaya is just the best adorable wonderful dog in the world. I love her to bits and really misses her when I don't see her. But, yes, I'm a cat person too! *surprise*... LOL!


haha! I never woulda thunkit! :D

From Megsie

We had my sister's dog over-night last night and I will tell you that a visiting dog is actually MORE work than our live in family member. I am firmly in the dog-person camp, although I like cats just fine. I had a dog growing up and got a dog before I got married that we had as our first baby for almost 17 years. He died two years ago yesterday. Our new baby, Franklin, is now two and is precious. I am sorry that you can't have furry beasts. I don't know what I would do without mine :)

Re: From Megsie

Shoot. I forgot to say that I LOVE that photo of Karin...So adorable.

Re: From Megsie

I think that must be true in most cases, and also true because we aren't at all familiar with having a dog in the family: it was a lot of work. I'm looking forward to sleeping in until the mechanical alarm clock goes off instead of the live one! Your little Franklin is ADORABLE.

Ah - you would be the perfect sitter for Mental! He loves to cuddle, doesn't get enough walks with us, and can hold it from to 9 a.m., easy.
Now if we can only find a babysitter who doesn't mind getting p 3 times a night...

haha! I suspect a dog of our OWN, full-time, wouldn't get as many walks either as our visiting dogs do. :)

That's an adorable picture!

What you can't see is the coating of dog saliva all over her face from allowing Chelsea to lick her completely CLEAN. :D (in a manner of speaking)

looooooooove this photo

and i know exactly how you feel-- that's how it is for me and kids-- happy to watch them for a few days and then DONE, hand'em back to their parents!

smooch, bp

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