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It's not like I had anything particularly much to do this week, other than the usual, and yet the last 5 days have sped by in a blur. It's been sunny nearly every day and the snow on the ground has that rotten lacy look to it, though it's clinging for dear life. Hard to believe there was 2 feet outside our windows only 2 weeks's down to inches in most places, though the big pile-ups from shoveling and plowing will take longer to disappear.

This morning, the spring-cleaning bug bit me hard in the butt and I cleared out the living room almost completely, first of furniture with my husband's help and some strategically placed towels under the heavy stuff, and then of the dirt and dust and fuzz accumulations of what appears to be centuries. I simply can't remember the last time we did this, but I suspect the children were several feet shorter then.

Now, Anders and Karin have left for the store to purchase a flat-screen TV because hey! since we've moved all the stuff out of the way, why not get it now before we put everything back? I had some trepidation because we simply MUST have enough money to get tickets for the trip home to the States this summer, and also because we are planning to replace the Volvo in a few months as well, but a check of the financial situation made me give thumbs up, and so it goes.

Last night, aside from one upset, was a lovely evening: a full family date. I had booked movie tickets and we went to see Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief at the kids' request (both of us thought it was so-so, the kids loved it) and then dinner at an excellent sushi restaurant. Good end to the week.

Today, in addition to the cleaning: finally talking it out, reaffirming commitment, tears and promises and definite plans for improvements on both sides. We'll weather this: we're made for long-term.

Now I am heading out into the sunshine for a walk, and then to the grocery store for lasagne fixings. Melodifestivalen "second chance" show tonight, which we're not so invested in but will watch anyway. Anders leaves tomorrow for 2 weeks in Italy again.

And a mission: to think of things to do as a family each weekend OUTSIDE, even if it's just going for a walk, or having a picnic somewhere. What do you do to feel like a family? Where do you go? I'm looking for inexpensive ideas. Thankfully, we're heading into spring and warmer weather which expands our opportunities.

Have a lovely weekend, peeps!
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From Megsie

I wish that bug would come and bite me. The laundry bug bit me over a week ago, and I got it all done. For that day. I swore I would keep up, but then new job postings and interviews and FREAKING OUT happened. I am feeling better today. I have a tentative road map that I am clinging to. So I will go back to the laundry.

I got a little stomach ache when I read about "the talk." I hate the valleys that marriages go through. The climb out is tough, but so sweet when you reach higher ground. I am happy for you that you started that climb together.

As for family dates? OUTSIDE? We still go to the zoo. The state fair. The Children's Musuem isn't outside, but it is still a favorite. A picnic in our back yard is also fun. And last summer Jeff would pitch a tent in the back yard and sleep out there with one of the kids. We would all gather around the "campfire" (which was in an old charcoal grill that we never use) and roast marshmallows for s'mores, pop Jiffy popcorn and stay up late. Inside we do the same thing in the fireplace when it is really cold out. I will keep thinking. Sometimes just going out for ice cream is a special date, or out to dinner at a dive bar (my favorite).

Love to you! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

Well, I didn't get the WHOLE house clean by far, but that wasn't my goal. I need to do a thorough room-by-room deep-clean so living room first and I just have to put back a few more things and that's one room down, 10 to go. EEK.


We have movie night and game night, we take hikes and picnics, row boats at nearby lakes, Drink hot chocolate, hang outside in the yard, playing or watching the kids, eat ice cream with all the fixings, cook dinner together(Bryce just made up his own meal, a one pot dish and it is GOOD!)Since the move we have been fairly creative with the no to little money things to do.


Recipe, please!!

I don't know how much this is possible where you live, but we often take half a Saturday to drive until we find an interesting little town and then walk around it. (Two weekends ago, we accidentally ended up in the piazza where that chase scene in "New Moon" was filmed!) Except for gas, it's free, and we can feel like explorers without traveling very far from home.

HOW cool about ending up in that town where New Moon was filmed! My kids would have been ecstatic!! Excellent idea, thanks! :)

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