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There's nothing really cozy about the place I blog from. If I were more pretentious, I'd call it the Den. Or the Study. Or the Office (which is actually kind of close to what it embodies, this room). I can't really refer to it as the Library since there are books in every other room in the house, and this room doesn't even win for most. It has a desk but no one studies at it. It has a rocking chair, but it's not very comfortable. It's the guest room when my mom is here and a sort of every-room for storing things that don't belong elsewhere, but mostly we call it the computer room and leave it at that. Which, however, implies that the computer is the most important, and defining, item in the room. It's true. Its big square eye is the focal point for everyone who comes in and sits down at the farting desk chair that squeaks and puffs when you seat yourself and when you rise and during every shift and wiggle inbetween.

Things in front of me on the desk where I blog: a tiny lamp with a yellow shade which darkens to orange at the top edge. An old Win Schuler restaurant cheese crock that corrals pens and a mini-Swedish flag. A framed, handwritten list of Regler för datorn* agreed to by Karin and Martin and signed off by Anders and I, after we got tired of the constant bickering and threatened a lifetime unplug fest. She wrote it in pencil and signed it PEACE!!! in big fat letters. The exclamation points are inverted triangles poised precisely over fat circles.

Piles of neatly-stacked CDs from a paused project. A plastic holder for paid bills and Very Important Papers. A framed photo of Martin & Karin from our 2007 trip Stateside when Karin's hair was cut short to her jawline, making her head really round and Martin was just starting to shoot up. A huge block of glass that is colored orange with a green glass lizard embedded in it; a gift from a long-ago online reader who attended the LJ sleepover I hosted years ago. She never posts anymore.

On one wall is a metal facsimile of the patent Anders was awarded in 1996. It says Anders Ek, Inventor. The patent was for a Delayed Safety Braking Apparatus For A Servomotor Control System. Cool. On another wall is a watercolor painting of my old cat Tish, that I did in 1982. I signed it twice, just to be sure it was clear who the artist was.

Succulents in the windowsill. Basic IKEA style. A brass dragon candlestick won at an antique auction when my dad was still alive. Behind me, shelves of books. This room is where I keep reference, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, language, natural history, art, travel. It's kind of a soul-less room, though. The furniture isn't comfortable. It needs a makeover, a lift, a CARPET, I don't know...something.

But it's not really where I blog from, this shared and functional family repository.

Here I am, inside my skull, where my dreaming mind sings quietly to itself. Where the words stutter or pour, depending on the day. Where the fits and starts may scrabble and pull their way from an unclear cocoon of ideas to a winged thing that flies off in a direction I never expected. From my words and from my art. From my head and from my heart.

Flat-out COVETING: Wall garden

*Rules for the computer
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I used to compose on my walks around Delaware Park; I knew every part of it by heart so I didn't have to pay attention to anything beyond free association and clever alliteration. Or the car. On long road trips I'd keep the radio off and a pad by my side. I'd have to decipher later, but the scribbles were never more than a jumping off point anyway for turning oddities and disappointments into something connected and somehow funny. You are an artist, but I am more a technician, a reporter, a mechanic for broken days, and I need my tools, my pockets of space. Thanks. You helped me discover what I need to find.

Welcome back.

You are far too kind :) Sorry I missed you tonight.

From Megsie

When I read the title of your post, I thought, "oh, the heart!" But when I began reading, I thought I was wrong. It was about space. It was OUTSIDE the body, and then you brought it right back to where I thought all along. My favorite line: "Where the words stutter or pour, depending on the day." That is so true. I stutter most of the time, but I love it when words pour. It is almost like it isn't me writing. Did you click on the link on Laini's blog a while ago? It was Elizabeth Gilbert speaking about being a writer and writing. It rang so true to me, and still does.

Hope you are doing okay.


Re: From Megsie

I heart Laini, she's so awesome. I haven't had a chance to read the Gilbert piece, but I'll head back over and check it out.

Stutter, stutter, pour! :)

I can't quite imagine a room that has books in it, as being soul-less. Books are the soul of my home. They fill the bedroom wall, and spill over onto the floor. They make the study look like the backlog of a library's cataloging department. There's a bookcase in my kitchen -- four long shelves of words (and not all cookbooks). There are boxes of books in the living room, and piles of them on the table. If our bathroom weren't smaller than a postage stamp, there would be a shelf of books in there, too. Given the number of really old (by American standards, anyway) tomes, and amount of dust in this apartment, I probably am literally breathing books right now...

You know, I think that I think of it as more soul-less than it probably is, because whenever I'm in it, I'm sitting at the computer, with my BACK to the books. But the furniture could REALLY use a lift.


We saw these gardens in Chicago last year at the Science and Industry Museum and I covet as well!!!


I'm trying to figure out 1) how I can make one myself and 2) where I could put it and 3) how I could water it without puddles EVERYWHERE.


Try going to the Museum website and clicking on the Green home. The plans are out there somewhere as Tom and Bill were very interested in them and found a lot of stuff through there.


After the amazing job you did with Martin and Karin's rooms, I think the computer room deserves it next. Keep the wonderful mementos but definitely get a new chair!


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