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Trip-planning, like party-planning, gives me hives, a headache and a bad attitude. I suppose I should be thrilled at how quickly the Internet and its myriad trip-planning sites can digest the information I give it (dates, places, price requirements) and spit it back out in the form of quickly scanned multiple choice format; nothing could really be easier. However, it's taken me 3 days and numerous howls for help to my husband and my mom to figure out the best possible combination of departures and arrivals and layovers and airlines and prices. And that was only for 3 of us; my husband still has to figure out HIS ticket to the States separately since he's coming later than we are.

One choice, which allowed me to leave after work on Friday, had a layover overnight in Amsterdam. Um, no. The most common possibility for departure was a flight that left Copenhagen at 6:45 in the morning which, with the U.S. government's recommended arrival NO LESS THAN THREE HOURS before boarding would have required that we get up at 2 a.m.

Um, no.

Why in hell do they tell you that you should get there 3 hours before a flight to the US? That's just insane. Also, completely unnecessary. Traveling is stressful enough with plenty of aggravations and long waiting times...there's no need to exacerbate the situation with that kind of foolishness.

Anyway, both our vacation trip to the States and my work trip in October are now booked. Yippee skippy! Two trips to the States in one year! Now to figure out a way to get to Chicago while we're over there this summer. :)


We're dog-sitting again, this time for a week instead of 5 days which is my normal limit. But you know what? With this dog, I think we could make it UNLIMITED. She's the easiest dog we've ever taken care of, and she doesn't keep us up all night like Chelsea did, with tickity-tacking nails on the hardwood floors and unexpected facefuls of dogbreath and cold nose snuffles. She's QUIET and RESTFUL and a pleasure to walk with. My arm is still attached to its socket when we get back to the house, imagine! I guess that's the difference between 1 year old and 3 years old when it comes to puppyness. Come to think of it, Max and Chimay, the other 2 dogs we've sat for, were pretty easy too, and they were both relatively mature. But London (my cousin Cate named her that so her daughter Sydney wouldn't be the only capital city in the family...though their last name is Berlin, so they all qualify, really) is quite the sweetest sweetheart of a dog.


I am impatient for grass, for pansies, for budding leaves on trees. It's making me jittery; this part takes so long!


I made moose pasta for dinner tonight. It was an impulse buy during my quick in-and-out trip to IKEA on Sunday to get new shower curtain liners, as were the 2 new pillows, the 2 new sage green hand towels, the set of 3 plasticware bowls and the 2 packs of napkins with purple and green designs on them. Dammit, IKEA! You did it to me again!

Moose sushi, moose pasta, what's next?!

Frosting-filled Belated Birthday Wishes to carrieb!
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That three hour thing really annoys me too. Yes, the airport is such a fun place to confine myself and my two young children that I'd really like to spend even more time there!

I didn't mind flying, once upon a time, but now, with kids in tow and being charged extra for everything from our luggage to food on the airplane, I really hate it.

Same for me. I never minded it before, and I still appreciate that it's faster than a BOAT, but honestly! I don't see why they have to make it as difficult and as expensive as possible. :( It's draining.

When we flew out of Copenhagen they started shuffling people through two hours before departure and the plane was still delayed from all the security screening. It was madness! I don't know if they are still hand patting down every passenger and hand inspecting each bag, though.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

It's always the same: hurry up and wait. *sigh*


Moosepies! (A la cowpies?)


HAR! I don't think so! :P

From Megsie

I thought our TWO hour requirement was too long...another hour? That is just insane. I hate flying for all those reasons...expense, food, the uncomfortable-ness of it all. But, the great thing is it gets you where you want to go faster than anything else. Congratulations on getting all of the planning done! Yay! It makes it real, doesn't it? I suppose Minnesota is not on your itinerary? It really is a nice place to visit....

Re: From Megsie

I agree it's better than a BOAT! :D Unfortunately Minnesota is not in the sad!! Although I have friends who are coming up to see us from Texas while we're there...want to come, too?


So happy that the tickets are booked. I remember landing in Amsterdam and thinking, I'm NOT going to the gate until I look at a few stores, potty stop, eat some lunch, etc- only to find that they had opened the gate 2 hours before take-off and the line was still long and slow, including pat downs and looking inside hand luggage. I was nearly one of the last to get on to find it difficult to get overhead space. Then, we got told we were waiting for a late plane with a dozen teens coming. So take-off was late! But,glad I wasn't one of the first having to sit on the plane all that time!
Great that you have a dog sit again! NOW - what are the Boston details? so I can get my ticket. Love, Lizardmom

Traveling is so stressful as it is. And we seem to be doing a ton of it this year!! Now we just have to get YOU over HERE! :D


I bought the moose pasta too!! I was thinking of saving it for this summer but since you already had it I will eat it tomorrow for my B-day.

haha! Moose pasta rocks!


The three-hour rule has saved us on so many occasions, but then again, we have a knack for finding ourselves in rather ridiculous situations. Driving around the airport for forty-five minutes unable to find a gas station to fill up the rental car, then unable to find the rental car return (several miles up the highway, as it turned out. why?!)... Finding out after waiting through the check-in line that stupid Travelocity hadn't issued our baby's ticket ("But she's free!" "But she still needs a ticket, ma'am. Please go wait in the ticketing line on the opposite end of the airport.")... Being unable to find a single airline employee for check-in until an hour before takeoff (they were on coffee break. yes, this is Italy.)... Walking from one end of the airport to the other end TWICE in a futile attempt to find our airline's terminal which turned out to be twenty miles away accessible only by shuttle (again, why?!)... Security fiascos, seating goofs, crashed computers, wrong directions... Any trip in which we find ourselves at the departure gate with time to kill is a good trip. :)

hahaha! Then I think the security regulations should say "Two hours before boarding, except for Bethany & family who should allow 3-4" :D

Oops, forgot to log onto OpenID... glad you knew it was me anyway!

haha. That IKEA will get you every time!
Glad you get to go to this side of the pond and you have jumped the booking hoops already. I don't envy the airline hoops. This I think, is why I continue to choose the train for visiting the chicklets, as it isn't really much cheaper and it certainly is longer, but the waiting and security hoops are easier types for me.

IKEA is sneaky that way :) I wish I COULD take a train home to the US...a REALLY speedy one :)

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