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Well, that 4-day weekend went too quickly. I suppose I can give thanks that this will be a short week, yes? One thing I do on weekends and even worse on holidays is to stay up late and sleep in late. If I don't restrain myself I can quite easily turn my clock completely upside-down: staying up until 3 a.m., sleeping until 1 in the afternoon. These days I'm better about restraining myself but I'm still guilty and 4 days of it is just enough to make the first working day a nightmare. Mea culpa, etc.

Cate, my cousin, came to pick up London the dog this afternoon and when she rang the doorbell, the kids quickly grabbed London and hid her in the playroom and I opened the door to her so that the first thing she saw was Karin's big stuffed golden retriever dog sitting in the foyer in the middle of London's dogbed with a sign on her that said "London". Too funny, though in our hearts we were at least partly serious: she's a great dog and we were sad to give her back.

I drove Karin and one of her teammates to their training practice tonight, and made Martin go with me. They've been running 4 kilometers once a week at a forest path out in Revinge, in the military training grounds since a couple of months back. It's part of their training for their soccer team until they can get out and practice on the grass fields. There are marked paths for 2, 5, 10 and 20 km. Martin and I walked the 2 kilometer path, but got confused and turned around at one point by poor signage so we actually ended up doing 2.5 kilometers. It's been rainy and chilly the past couple of days but the rain had let up earlier in the day so everything just had that sort of damp grey feeling. The woods we walked through were still grey and beige and the only green we saw was the moss and lichens on the stunted misshapen trees. All the moss was on the north sides of the trees. Several times we saw giant plate fungus ladder-stepping up the sides of stumps and fallen trees...they looked like natural birdbaths.

When we got home we had to shoo away the crows and jackdaws and ravens from the bird feeder. I wasn't happy to realize that the bird seed has been going to feed those big pigs. They've scared off all the little brown jobs and they're building a nest in the garage eaves again, to boot.

I keep not wanting to write here. I have to force myself to do it. I never wanted this place to be only an event list of my days, but it sure seems to be what it's evolved into over the past year. It's not such a bad thing when I get to the end of a year, and realize that I have such a great record of what's gone on, the milestones we've reached, the experiences we've shared, the things we've seen and done, but I do wish I could seem to come up with more of the creative non-fiction essay-writing that I ultimately know I'm capable of. Maybe I just need some good writing prompts.
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I have the exact same "problem". Only difference is that you manage to make your journal entries just as interesting as your more thoughtout texts - you have that gift! :)

Today I have been blogging a lot. But all of it is really nonsense!


I think you're all much too kind to me and forgiving of my blabbitting. :)


I agree with Mia that "your journal entries are just as interesting as your more thoughtful texts". Diaries often give a wonderful peek into people's lives and thoughts. So just think of it as a Diary Day when nothing deeper comes floating out of your brain. We'll enjoy! Love, Lizardmom

That'll have to be a new category, "Diary Day", like Bits of Tid :)




hahahaha! that made me giggle!

I love your posts, no matter what you're writing about. You have a wonderful way with words, that turns even the simplest subject into something that makes one think, or remember, or wish, or dream.

We are no longer a letter-writing society, and that's a terrible loss. But we are bloggers, and in many respects, that serves a similar purpose. I'm consumed with fascination as I read my grandparents' letters of the 1920s -- just think of your own grandchildren, eighty years from now, being able to read about what a day was like for you, when Karin and Martin were young. Even life's basic events are profound, from that perspective.

Words are never wasted. :-)

I agree about the sadness of the loss of letter-writing, and am glad that, as I mentioned, this will one day be a memoir that my kids and their descendants can enjoy :) Thanks for the reminder about the value of words :)

I agree, wholeheartedly.

Not to devalue your feelings about what you want to do here with your Live Journal Liz, but just a reminder that I truly enjoy what comes out of your fingertips on the keyboard, be it "bits of tid", "diary day" or those lovely lovely essays you long to be creating.
You are a very busy woman, and sometimes it is just a matter of time and space (you know this) or inspiration.
Anyhow, I love it all, and it is a special treat when you do delight yourself too.

I know, truly I do, though I sometimes wonder WHY my dribbles have such charm for my awesome fans. :)

I will give you something to write about...

Need an Idea? write about me.....
there has to be something to tell.
and yes you can be creative.

besides who wouldnt want to read about themselves, especially in lizardeks blog? where else can the road to fame and fortune start?

signed anonomously,
Einnhoj elcnu.

Re: I will give you something to write about...

Nice try. Write in your own damn journal! :P

Re: I will give you something to write about...

Journal? what Journal?

Re: I will give you something to write about...

I burst out laughing when I realized who was Anonymous! But I can't believe you would so quickly turn down "Free Rein"! What a wealth of material you have harbored all these years! And, I'm sure "Seester" would be happy to feed you material, if you get writer's block! Love, Lizardmom

From Megsie

Preaching to the choir. Again.

But, I will have to agree, it doesn't matter what you are writing about. Not one bit. I just love reading your words. That is a gift.


Re: From Megsie

You're so nice to me :) *smooch*!

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