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Something that drives me crazy: People who sing "choo" when they mean "you". I wan' choo, you're all I got, etc. Articulate, dammit!

My stomach hurts. It's been hurting for 4 days. I haven't thrown up, though, so there's that. Yet.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go out to dinner with a colleague here on a business trip from the Boston office and another colleague who is currently on maternity leave, and we ended up going to her house because her husband is out of town, even though originally we were going to have to be at MY house because MY husband is out of town too, but she has younger kids AND a baby, so she won. My kids had Scouts last night, and they're old enough to manage a couple of hours of an evening, so I fed them dinner, set the timer, and made sure they knew what they had to do. Get to Scouts on time, lock the door behind them and then take baths immediately upon returning home. Everything went perfectly according to plan, and I even got home just a few minutes after they did, and Martin was already in the shower, when I realized the back porch door was wide open.

"Who opened the back door?" I said, and then with dawning suspicion, "and WHEN?!"

Turns out they'd gone out to jump on the trampoline in the sunshine before going to Scouts and even though they locked the (side) door behind them, the BACK DOOR was invitingly WIDE OPEN for 2 hours.

"AAGH," I yelled, "You have to USE YOUR HEADS!"

"Mom," Martin said, "What have I said about you saying that?" Last week, when I was getting answers to the reasons why I am evil and mean according to my children, he told me that sometimes when I tell him to use his head, he interprets it to mean that I'm saying he is stupid. Which is NOT what I mean, even if it does have an implication that something he did was thoughtless.

I'm pretty sure that my parents said "use your head" all the freaking time to me and my siblings (especially my dad) and at some point it must have taken because I DO, but I don't know exactly when the taking took place, if you know what I mean. I think each gray hair a parent acquires actually corresponds to such an utterance. *sigh*

3 Delightful Things: Gorgeous sunshine, a delivery of American goodies from the colleague mentioned above, Geninne

Gleeking Out: Sue Sylvester Vogue

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