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I've had terrible insomnia this go-round with Anders gone. Haven't been able to fall asleep, keep hearing noises, can't get comfortable. I usually read until I'm tired and ready to turn out the light, but then I just lie there. And lie there. And lie there. Well, tossing and turning, not really just lying there. How boring. 3 nights in a row so far, and I really hope that's an out.

The sun has been shining for what feels like a week, even though it probably hasn't actually been that many days. It fills me up and makes my toes tingle. Every day at work, I try to ignore the sunshine calling out the windows so that I can keep on concentrating on what I have to get done, but I tell you, if it RAINS this weekend, I will be REALLY upset. There are buds on the raspberry bushes and on the cherry tree. The pied wagtails are bobbing, the columbine is leafing, the lungwort is flowering, O Spring! JOY!

It's been all over the news about the volcanic ash cloud that has basically shut down air travel all over northern Europe today (and slowly moving south and east). We had 60+ people at work today who came from all over the UK and Nordics for a conference, plus people here for a sales meeting and 2 marketing colleagues as well, and they are all trapped here in Sweden. I overheard one woman telling my American colleague who was supposed to be flying home tomorrow that "Sweden is a nice place to live" and nearly busted a gut laughing. It IS! A very nice place to live. But perhaps not so much when it's not by CHOICE.

This afternoon and evening the sky and sun and sunset were spectacular. The sky was high and blue and completely empty. No jet trails. No planes. It was eerie, thinking about it. We're so used to the ubiquitious drone of airplanes (we live on the flight route to both Copenhagen and Sturup) that the absence was rather loud. They don't know how long the grounding will go on, but it could be all the way through the weekend. So I'm kind of glad my husband isn't trying to get home this weekend by air; too frustrating for all of us if he were!

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with e11en! She's in town visiting her husband's family this week and I'm so glad we'll have a chance to get together, and I'll finally get to meet her kids, since we weren't able to hook up last September when I was in Boston. :)

And now it's time to go see if insomnia is lying in wait, rubbing its hands together and cackling evilly or if it has finally decided to GIVE IT A REST.
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Owh how unlucky for all those folks from outside of Sweden to be stuck after the conference! Tho, in all honesty, I wouldn't mind getting stuck in Sweden for a few extra days -- the one time I visited was way to short and I'd love to come back for a longer period of time. Shame S. doesn't seem to share that sentiment hehe.

I hear you on the insomnia with Anders being gone. When S. is on nightshifts I sometimes have this as well. Sometimes I don't have any trouble whatsoever going to bed and falling asleep, other times I just can't seem to relax and get comfi and I end up reading till the early hours as well till I am too tired to read. The last time he was on nights I wasn't able to get any sleep till around 4-5am every night, which was rather exhausting! Here's to hoping that you will be able to get a goods night rest tonight!

How neat that you and e11en are able to meet up! Have a great time :-)

It's always great to meet up with my online pals :) We had a lovely (but too short) lunch!

And you know, I too enjoy the peace and quiet of NO AIRPLANES (we live 'under' one of the plane routes out of Schiphol Amsterdam Int. Airport heh). :-) Was a shame I was with my nose in the books studying instead of outside on the terrace but it is defintely more quiet then usual.

SO weird, this many days of it!

Pics are required of you and Ellen's gang! Weird about the ash cloud.

DOh! no pics, sorry! I got to meet the whole family though and we had a nice (if too short) lunch! :)

I sure hope you are sleeping about now. Three nights, drat. I don't do well with sleep dep, but am all too familiar with it.

4 nights & counting, darn it!



From Megsie

I am so sorry to hear about your insomnia. I HATE that. I am all messed up in my sleep because of jet lag. It has really thrown me for a loop this time. Have fun with e11en :) And sweet dreams!

Re: From Megsie

I so rarely have this problem, I don't even know how to handle it! Usually, I'm staying up late reading, and that doesn't really count! I hope your jetlag settles down soon!

Joy here

Insomnia? I know insomnia! I usually come and read your friend's posts! (BTW thanks) Or I stay up until the best comic strips change over for the next day, and then, I am SOMETIMES able to sleep. Problem is it's already 3 a.m. by then. OH! It's 3:35 a.m. Now!

I just have to say that reading your blog, hearing about Sweden and even about the air problems in Europe, makes the world seem a little smaller or closer. So fun to read.

I AM going to work on a blog of my own this summer. That is if I survive until then. Hhahaha School has been rough and it's not over yet!

Re: Joy here

The world is SO small and close some days, it's incredible! And I sure hope you DO work on that blog!


Glad to hear a positive about the volcano stopping air traffic- the silence..that would be a joy! Tonight's news interviewed stranded traveler's on this side of the pond- I actually felt sorry for them. One -a guy-trying to get to Helsinki. But,more so for the ones in Europe: especially for the family in France that was missing their US vacation and running out of money paying for a hotel room and the bride missing her wedding in Mexico! Glad that Anders is gone for another week- but I figured he could always resort to a very long train ride!
SAy hello to Ellen for me- Am I mistaken that we met her kids the first time at the big downtown park in Boston? Love, Lizardmom

I had lunch with her and her family yesterday and it was really nice to meet them all. I had met her kids 4 years ago, when her son was just a baby. But yes we saw them at the park :)


This volcano eruption puts our conferences at risk next week. :( Complete chaos for us - and I feel so sorry for the people at work who have been working so hard for months with these conferences that are so important for the company, and now the most important clients can't make it here. :(

All the money invested, all the work... And missed opportunities.

But then, it's a piece of cake compared to what the Icelandic people have to face with the floods etc... Seems every media source reporting on this fails to report about the consequences for the Icelandic people.

It's a good thing at the same time that these things happen to make us realise how "small" we are on this planet. To bring us down from our human hybris of thinking we stand above everything.


Oh! I'm so envious that you and Ellen will be lunching tomorrow. Give her a hug for me. ;-)

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