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Blah. That's how I feel.
mood: blah
music: blah

From Megsie

Well, well, well. I know EXACTLY how that feels. It is no fun at all. Blah, Blah, Blah. Are you a gardener? I am not. I am an observer of the gardener, mostly because my significant other likes to take things over and has strong opinions. I don't like the weeding or the watering, just the initial planting, so it was an easy thing to give over to the control freak of gardeners. I do pipe in with my own opinions though, and he actually listens sometimes. Spring has sprung so completely here that I am itching to start bossing him around. He has been puttering all weekend. I have said no to the rocks and suggested mulch. Do you think I have enough pull for that? I really hope your Blahs go away. I like to read your words instead of hearing the *crickets.* Love sent your way! xoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

I am not a gardener, no. Spent a few hours today at Martin's school helping to tidy up the play yard and beds, though (which just confirmed my blah/not a gardnerness). I think you totally have enough pull for that, especially if you provide a cold beer or lemonade when you need that extra push :D


Sorry about the blahs. I know them too well myself. At least we know they will eventually pass.

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