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Sunny day, blowing the clouds away, and all I think when I'm inside is OMG the house is so dusty! EEK. Dust bunnies! Dust mice! Dust ELEPHANTS! A dust lake on every surface. ACK. Dusting is so boring. And so USELESS. All it seems to really do is rearrange the stuff. It never goes away, not really. Don't think about it too closely, though, or it will really gross you out.

I forgot to water the grass seed my husband spread out in the backyard where the pool used to be, again tonight. Oops. I wish he was home.

I had my volcano-trapped colleague to stay over on Friday. We took her with us to the AWC sushi night. She'd never had sushi before, and loved it. Then we went home and watched 2 episodes of Glee because she's never seen it. She loved it. Then she got to sleep in (she has a 4-year-old and an 8-month-old at home). She loved it. I was very glad to be able to give someone having a hell of a time not being able to get home, some good things to remember about her trip. She's on a train now to Gothenburg, where she'll spend the night (or, at least some hours of it) before taking the 6:45 morning train to Oslo in order to (hopefully) catch a flight to Reykjavik and thus home to Boston. I find it ironic that after a week of being stranded in Sweden, she's having to practically fly TO the volcano in order to get home again.

We are having a dinner party on Saturday for 6 friends and their 6 children which, with ourselves, brings it to a total of 16 people. All I can think about is that I need to dust the house and whether or not my husband will be able to fly home on Friday or if the BIG DUST ELEPHANT IN THE SKY will cause more problems that personally affect ME this time. Still no planes in the sky. The more I think about that, the more it weirds me out.

Sometimes, like when I'm driving to work, I think: what if no one could drive to work anymore? Like if all the oil ran out and there was no more gas and we all had to figure out alternate methods of transportation? Would we go back to horse-and-carriages? Would electric cars finally become ubiquitous as bicycles? Bicycles! Would we all just BIKE to work? I'd have a hella time getting up the hill to Lund, at least at first. And we'd have to leave so much earlier in order to have enough time to get there! That would suck, having to get up at, say, 5:30 a.m. 6:40 sucks enough as it is. Though, of course, I'd probably be out of a job anyway, since you need oil to make chips and development boards for computers which are what I work on all day long.

And, living on a different continent that my mom and sister would be be exponentially more sucky than it already is, if I wasn't able to get to them quickly and (relatively) easily by flying across the ocean. A transatlantic crossing on a cruise ship like the QE2 takes 6 days (Southampton to New York) BUT I'm pretty sure they have ENGINES. No oil = no engines. In the 1800s it typically took steam ships fitted with sails and paddles 19-29 days to cross from Europe to America. ACK. And smaller ships could take as long as SIX MONTHS. I don't have that kind of vacation time!

I think I'd better stick to dusting. That, at least, I can do something about. Even if it's just rearranging.

Singing, Zinging, Swinging Birthday Wishes to jackiejj and blue_eyed_girl and Meg Fowler!
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Joy here

I had thought your same thoughts several years ago. And in 2006, some friends told me about peak oil. You've heard of it, right? I am not sure if I can explain it... When more that 50% of the oil supply is used up, the cost to extract it will go up, production down. The world continues to grow, thus the need for oil does too. But production cuts will continue. :( I found this website... warning, it's depressing!

Gosh, I don't mean to be such a downer! Spring! It's spring! Lets talk about birds! I took a picture of a bird and looked it up online. It was kind of fun seeing what kind of bird it was. I "think" it was a Loggerhead Shrike. I say think, because that is what his markings matched but the pictures were hard to tell exactly if he was the same. He had a white patch on his wings and he looked like he had a mask over his eyes.

Re: Joy here

I've heard of it...I can't even go look at that website, that stuff makes me crazy depressed. :( And yes, it's spring! Spring!

From Megsie

I don't even like to think about that happening. Although, I think that it will eventually. By then, hopefully there will be an alternative fuel...renewable fuel. I can't imagine taking a year (actually MORE) to visit people across the pond. What a gigantic step backward that would be!

Sounds like you had such a nice visit with your stranded friend. Sleep+Fun=Yay!

(Glad you chased your blahs away)


Re: From Megsie

I sure hope so. Goodness knows there are tons of renewable, alternative fuels out there but the impetus to USE them globally is definitely lacking.

From the positive side: if you had to row for six months, you would end up with really nice arm muscles to flex for your family overseas. You also seem to forget about renewable fuels, or perhaps all vegetables would be used entirely for food production in your scenario.

It leads me to speculate how the world would change if we ALL were vegans. Take it one step further, how would the Earth look like if ALL animals were vegans - no predators. Final thought: what would happen if all of us were able to perform photosynthesis - convert sunlight to energy. Probably all humans and animals would have green skin, but would we consider plants our enemies, competing for the same rays of sun?

I am pretty dependent on vehicles for transportation, but I love being in a walkable or bike-able city or town.
When I was a kid, I always thought that by the time I was an adult we would be going around with miniature jet packs on our backs to get from here to there. It was the influence of watching the Jetsons I guess.
Anyhow, changes are scary with family far flung, but alternative transport in the shorter distances (like feet!) are probably a very good thing.

Dust. EEK!!

I'm kinda bummed the miniature jet packs things hasn't worked out, too. That and the matter transmitter. Darn it!

I know! Double drat!


What a great post, you really made me laugh. And inspired me with hosting your work colleague, I was thinking how I would do this if I knew anyone who needed it at a time like much nicer than a hotel or--horror--airport chairs!

I try not to think about the fuel situation; it just makes me flabbergasted and more than a little angry that electric cars, alternative fuel sources, and decent public transportation (in the U.S.) have not progressed with technology. At some point, someone's got to realize oil doesn't grow on trees... right? Until then, I guess we'd better start saving up vacation days. :)

I makes me a bit crazy, too.

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