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Everything is new and green and growing and pulsing with promise...everything but my eyes. They're red and pulsing with The ITCH. Must get to a pharmacy stat and see what kind of relief I can get. I have a feeling Visine-A isn't going to cut it this year.

I got buzzed by a very loud bumblebee today; so loud that I actually looked up, thinking it was an airplane.

Where is my mother? I called and let a message earlier but she hasn't called back yet. I get antsy when too much time goes by between contact.

The kids didn't want to read tonight. One wanted to keep playing WoW, the other one just didn't want to because he "had a bad day". It threw me into an incredibly bad mood—I really wanted to read! Am suddenly remembering why the reading aloud petered out before. *sigh*

Crazy busy at work.

A bit bummed about AWC stuff, again: same old story.

Hey, remember that awesome project I keep mentioning? The one where I wondered if you'd consider pledging just $5 to support a good friend and the arts? She's so close. SO VERY CLOSE. If you haven't pledged, won't you? If you have pledged, would you consider upping it a bit? Just a little bit? For me? She's 16 days away and just over $1000 from her goal. C'mon, be a pal. Next time, it might be YOU putting yourself out there and needing some help with a project.

I watered the new plantings and garden and pots this evening. Then it rained. I need a new super power.
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