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Happy May Day! It's hard to believe it is already the first day of the fifth month of the year. Spring is fully sprung and the zillion shades of neon green greet my wondering eyes wherever they wander. All the grass is new and the old winter residue and beigeness of last year's growth has been covered over completely now by the new growth.

Yesterday was Walpurgis Eve and we celebrated, as we usually do, with our friends Mats & Annelott at a bonfire held in their overgrown back acre, with several other couples and 3 dogs, one a new puppy, much to my children's (and my) delight. Mats & Annelott's previous dog, Zazz, died suddenly of an apparent stroke last year and they have just acquired the most darling puppy. She's a 9-week-old black & gold German Hovawart and her name is Tizzla. The kids couldn't keep away from her, and I don't blame them: she was SO darling. We immediately offered our services as excellent dogsitters. This isn't her, but it could be her twin.

We didn't get home until long after midnight and I slept in like a fiend this morning. Woke up somewhere around 8:30 and promptly fell back asleep. My family's habit of shutting my bedroom door and being quiet in the rest of the house on weekend mornings is a habit I think ALL mothers should encourage their families to practice.

I've had rather a dilemma the last week at work. See, my boss told us that he is reorganizing our department and we will be getting a manager between him and the 4 of us who are currently in our group. I know that several people at work are surprised that I'm not applying for the position and I had more than one person tell me that I would do a good job at it. But there were several factors that decided me...even if it is probably the only way I could get a substantial hike in pay these days...the thing is I am not particularly interested in moving up the corporate ladder. I LIKE what I do. In fact, I love it. I have found what I want to do for a living and I honestly don't want to make a change that would gradually but definitely pull me away from it. In addition, I am not really gung-ho to have personnel responsibilities, to manage people or to have to deal with a budget.

I have rather mixed feelings about all this, because part of me definitely feels that I SHOULD be applying for this job and that it is really the only logical next step for a job like mine. But I'm really sure that I wouldn't, ultimately, be happy there. I have no desire to be the boss. I'm good at what I do and what I really want to do is get better at it, not move above it. Does that make sense?


In other news that really makes me happy, Christina has reached her funding goal. A huge, heartfelt thanks to any of my friends and readers who have pledged to help her book become reality. Thank you from me! (and PS, you can still pledge :)


I did 4 loads of laundry today and as I followed Martin into his room to kiss him goodnight just now, we had the following conversation:

Liz: *pointing at the jeans Martin is holding* Those should have gone in the wash today, Martin.
Martin: Yeah, yeah.
Liz: You DO have more than one pair of pants, regardless of whether or not you like any of them.
Martin: *sounding astounded* Can you read minds??
Liz: Of course, I can. I'm a mother.
Martin: Riiight. What am I thinking right now?
Liz: That I'm full of shit.
Martin: *mouth drops open, gapes at me*
Liz: *giggles madly*
mood: optimistic
music: Laura Veirs—Don't Lose Yourself


Oh my goodness what a cute dog!! Aaaaw.....

When it comes to your job, follow your heart! That will tell you the right thing to do. Sounds to me your heart has decided that you should not apply for it! :)

Haha Martin won't dare to think a thought in your presense again!!


The puppy was simply adorable...we wanted to kidnap her on the spot. She will grow to be a pretty big dog, judging by the size of her paws! :D

From Megsie

I love this post! What is better than May Day, puppies, bon fires, good friends, knowing what you want in life, Christina's success, and reading minds? Sending you a smooch and a hug! Happy May Day!

Re: From Megsie

Not much better, for sure! :) XOXO Megsie, you're a shining light :)

Haha! I love how you catch your kids up when they least expect it.

There's no job opening for me to apply for just now, but I often think about what my next step ought to be. The trouble is, I don't want to be a director-level person, I just want director-level pay. If our family's finances are ever going to improve, it's going to take me getting a better (a.k.a. bigger) job but I don't want to manage people, budgets, etc. Don't feel guilty about not wanting to jump on the corporate treadmill, it doesn't sound like much fun to me.

I feel your pain: wanting director-level pay without having to be a director-level person. :)

AHAHAH!!! Messing with your kids heads is AWESOME!!

Even better than messing with the minds of small animals! :D

Joy here

Martin really set you up. Are you sure Martin isn't reading your mind? Haa

It seems Sweden has a lot of holidays! Are you sure you aren't making them up? ;-)

Want to know what I did tonight? I spilled/ frizzled diet root beer (for some reason it is always very foamy) all over my bed! Off to the laundry (comforter, pillows and sheets!) and the store to buy some Resolve.

I think I liked the sound of your day more than mine! HAHAAHAHAHAAA Thems the breaks!

Re: Joy here

Sweden does have a lot of holidays, but they are all together, for the most part, and they are all leftover religious holidays even though this is not a very religious country anymore :)


Mom is not returning your call because you are the ADOPTED one!!!!! MUAHAHAHA

Mom is in Toronto with Judy for about 5 days. They return on Sunday I think. That is why she has not called you back. although maybe it is because you are the adopted one ans she is trying to break it off slowly.....



Pbbb! John already reminded me that she was off playing with Judy in Toronto. So poo on you!


Ahhh, to be full of shit. And good for you for realizing you're happy in your job now - that's a difficult decision, but it shows you really know who you are - very healthy of you!


:) Thanks!

And thank you from ME!

Also--I love that you're motivated by happiness and doing something you love vs. money alone. Your successes will be sweeter because of this...and you should so not feel torn! Your work is such a huge part of your life... doing what you want to do is something so many people dream of!

I've come to that realization, too. :)

Sorry I'm late to this post... hopefully you still get comment notifications! I just wanted to give a resounding hurrah Liz! for knowing what you love to do and sticking with it, higher paycheck be damned. I read an essay in high school that was about the phenomenon of people who are good at their jobs being promoted until they reach their level of incompetence where they spend the rest of their working days miserable. Not that I think you'd be incompetent at the manager position (not at all, no), but I know a lot of people who have taken promotions for the sake of being promoted, without stopping to think if that's actually the job they want to have. Ergo, hurrah!

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