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Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! :D

Spectacular cloudscapes, slanting sunshine, a sudden downpour of rain washed over Flyinge with a fleeting fat rainbow to top it off. The forsythias are so bright, they look like miniature suns. Cherry trees are blossoming: our little cherry is studded with white blooms up and down each branch; harbingers for a bumper crop, I hope! The bird cherry across the ditch has exploded like a stupendous slo-mo popcorn tree. Sparrows are nesting in one of the birdhouses on the side of the playhouse and pheasant calls ratchet through the evening air.

The rice worked. Or the phone was better proof against a washing machine than I would ever have guessed. After a day and a half submerged in a bowl of rice, Anders reassembled the phone, plugged it in to charge and voila! It works.

My to-do list at work is 3 pages long. My to-do list at home is much shorter and includes shopping (birthday present for Anders, pants for Martin, replacement soccer shoes for Karin), writing cards for people I'm thinking about, ordering flowers, and filing my US taxes. None of those are even written down. They're just on mental post-it notes stuck haphazardly all over the surface of my brian. The actual written to-do list only has 4 items on it, and none of them are a priority.

Things I'm Glad I Did
  • took a typing class in junior high
  • agreed when Frida suggested I take desktop publishing classes
  • met Anders
Things I'm Looking Forward To
  • summer in the States and seeing old friends and relatives
  • selling the Volvo and getting a new (to us) car
  • Glee on Sundays
People Who Are Much on My Mind Right Now
  • Becky
  • Carol
  • Debbie & Ola
And now, a random Karin photo:

Bouquets of Bright Blossom Birthday Wishes to same_sky!
mood: calm
music: The Temper Trap—Sweet Disposition


Don't you just love spring? (Although I am sneezing a lot right now!)


I do! No sneezing here, just itchy eyes!

From Megsie

I am SO glad I took typing too! I can't even imagine hunting and pecking. I would be on the computer SO MUCH LONGER if that were the case.

Yay about the phone! (And whew! for Martin.)

I am avoiding a to do list. I am scared to think about how long it will be.

Love your springy pictures and the one of Karin too.

May the force be with you :)

Re: From Megsie

I know a few people that hunt and peck REALLY fast, but my goodness, it takes so much more concentration! (and even so, I can still beat them with one hand tied behind my back. Okay, not really. It's hard to type with one hand behind your back)

Thank you! :)


I bet Martin is the most relieved that the rice worked! Love your photos!
My to-do lists are all over the place on small pieces of paper - somehow I find the one I need! Love, Lizardmom

He sure was :D

Do Swedish schools offer typing courses? It may be a dumb question, but guess which European country DOESN'T? When Dan took his laptop into the electronics store to be repaired, the entire staff gathered around to ogle his typing speed... and he's the slow typist of the two of us! The usual technique here consists of two index fingers and a LOT of time. I know two girls who are going to be getting Mavis Beacon for birthday gifts one day.

I don't know if Swedish schools offer touch-typing classes. I would THINK so. Somewhere. Some of them.

When I went in 8th grade (1989-1990), we had one weekly class of typing. At first we had to practise on mechanic typewriters which wouldn't let errors slip unnoticed. Once the students had proven talented enough to type at a decent speed without errors, we got promoted to electronic typewriters which have a backspace eraser mechanism. While the school had a whole lab of computers, it was more or less out of the question to practise typing using a computer. Perhaps there was no suitable, uncheatable software.

There were no grades handed out in this class. You just participated and had to hang your head in shame if you never picked up typing. You probably would do well in life anyway. These days I use about 6-7 fingers when I type. Not quite the correct positioning which would use eight or all ten fingers.

From Willow

"pheasant calls ratchet through the evening air", I love that! What a wonderful portrait of your spring.

Loving Glee too :)

Re: From Willow

Have you heard those birds? Ratchet is a MILD description :D

Nice shot of the cherry tree... but it was a little blue.
I was thinking you needed an older version of Photoshop to fix it up.
you can see my version up on DA...
since I cannot post it here.

-Love Ya
Unkie Johnny

It was blue everywhere. The light was blue. It was so pretty!

That is a lovely photograph of Karin. It really captures peacefulness and trust.

I like it, too. I don't know who took it, she might have taken it herself. It was on the same card when I came in after shooting the sunset and the cherry tree.


the grass is riz - i wonder where the flowers iz? did you know that there is no definitive answer as to who composed that bit of whimsy? i was quite surprized - i would have guessed walt kelly. it just seems to have a pogo-esque ring to it. roxanne


I always understood that it was by Ogden Nash :)

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