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I had lunch today with the one club member out of over 180 people who expressed interest in taking over one of the THREE board positions I'm currently handling. 184 members, I just checked. This sort of thing boggles me still, but no longer surprises me, after 13 years.

Who turned off summer again? It's COLD. Also grey, windy and wet. Brrr! Eyjafjallajokull, was it you? Bad volcano!

It's a busy weekend, heavy on kid activities, both of which are outside and the forecast is for more of the cold-windy-grey-and-wet. *sigh* A soccer match tomorrow morning for Karin and Martin is participating in a charity run on Sunday with his school to raise money for Haitian children.

Saturday is also Anders' birthday and his family will be coming over for dinner, and I need to bake a cake at some point. Spice cake, our favorite old standby. I asked him if he wanted me to bake a cake, meaning an American cake, from a box mix, and he agreed on spice cake. When I went to the pantry, I discovered that we have an entire SHELF full of cake mixes. One double Orange Supreme, 2 Krusteze Cinnamon Crumble cakes, 2 Rainbow Chip Party cakes (bought with kid birthdays in mind), FOUR spice cake mixes and a Reese's Dessert Bar Cake mix. Mmmm cake!

I suspect this will be one of those weekends that just whizzes by and leaves me floundering on the other end of it staring another crazy busy week of work in the face.

Big Bubbly Birthday Wishes to big_bubba and Belated Ones to thinkum!
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From Megsie

We are experiencing Winter II as well. SNOW is in the forecast, they said we will wake up to an inch or two on the grass. I was expecting snow in March, and even in April...not a flake. Now? It is MAY, Mother Nature. Isn't there a statute of limitations on such things?

Happy Birthday to Anders...enjoy your CAKE! Are you making just one?

Re: From Megsie

NO SNOW! We haven't got that again (after the one incident), and I hope it stays that way.

And yes, just one cake. I am a sucker for spice cake so having even one in the house is a terrible temptation. :)

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