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Warming temps and sunny skies have lightened my mood considerably. Though yesterday I was so tired when I came home from work that I went to lie down "for half an hour" at 7 p.m. and awoke, completely groggy and disoriented, at 9:37 p.m., just in time to say good night to the kids and cast myself back upon the shores of sleep.

Behind our house: a glowing ocean of golden gorgeousness; the rapeseed is in bloom. It's not all the way blown, as I discovered when I walked out to the edge of the field. Each blossom is topped with a circle of small green tightly folded blooms that have yet to open. Even standing at the edge of the field and looking out over the sea of neon yellow felt like staring at the sun. The breeze was blowing and everything was in motion: the field slowly rippling, the pine trees behind me shushing the wind. The rapeseed field was edged in long grass and leggy dandelions vying for attention but unable to compete until close up. Rapeseed blossoms have a heavy, oily scent; very distinctive. But with the wind blowing the other way, I scarcely noticed. I was too busy saturating my brain in yellow.

Wildlife on display: two cooing wood pigeons that flung themselves out of the pine copse as I walked by. Magpies. Jackdaws. Crows. Starlings. A pied wagtail. The neighbor's calico cat, hunched and staring, in the middle of the grassy pasture. A hen pheasant who shot out of the field upon my approach and her mate who followed her, screeching in protest. Huge bumblebees and some lacy-winged thing that buzzed me as I knelt among the blooms.


Art Project of the Day: All of Bart Simpson's chalkboard gags on one 22mm-long blackboard wall (Zoomify the blackboard)
mood: calm
music: She & Him—In the Sun


Aren't the rapeseed fields the most wonderful thing nature gives us at this time of year? I don't recall ever seeing them in the States growing up. And the honey made by bees feeding on this--the first flowers--is quite tasty.

Martin's piano teachers sells honey here in the village...they have several kinds and one is from rapeseed :)

One day I want to get back to Sweden!!

I hope you do!

Pretty pictures! This is usually a lovely month in Skåne...

It sure is, when the sun is shining!

From Megsie

Oh, my. How breathtaking. I am sure that the photos don't do it justice. Just like when I took photos of the Ranunculus in San Diego. I really wish I could see it in person...maybe someday. I don't know if I have ever seen rapeseed before. How wonderful to live close to such a HUGE field of it! And, YAY for sunshine!

Re: From Megsie

I suppose very LARGE photos from a really GOOD camera would do justice to it, but there's nothing like being on the edge of it, breathing in the smell and just staring out at that endless yellow.

So lovely! I think that field could make up for just about any lack of sunshine... though my first thought upon seeing it was POLLEN! I hope your mood continues to swing up. :)

Actually, it's not the rapeseed pollen that I've heard is a problem: it's the damn birches!

Don't you just want to run through them with your arms wide apart? If I actually did it I would probably sneeze the entire time, but in my imagination it's lovely.

I could have, but I'm pretty sure the farmer would have been pissed. :) I don't know anyone who's actually allergic to rapeseed though I know it's possible. Every field of it is just so stunning. You can't stop staring, especially when the sun is shining.

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