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zird is the word [userpic]
(Be grateful: I left a lot of them out)

aunt as in ant
been as in ben
caramel as in car-ml
crayon as in cran
creek as in kreek
mary/merry/marry are pronounced the same, dammit
mayonnaise as in man-aiyz
both miss-chiv-us and miss-chee-vee-us
pee-CAN unless it's pee-kahn pie
poem has only one syllable, dammit
etc = et-setra or et-setera
It's a faucet, dammit
dragged (but I have to admit I thought drug for a second)
you all or you guys
one modal at a time, dammit
none of those uses of anymore are acceptable, dammit
garage sale or yard sale
mumblety peg
median or island
either firefly or lightning bug
daddy longlegs
grandma for both
grandpa for both
dust bunnies
sneakers or tennis shoes
grocery cart
doing donuts but whipping shitties made me laugh out loud; does anyone actually USE that?!
scratch or scrap paper both work for me
sun shower
eye boogers or gunk
traffic circle
ponytail holder or rubberband
no, but I know what cruller means
yuuuuummmm, bear claws!
oil and vinegar, dammit
92: I call it idiotic and suicidal
frosting and icing, even though I know there's a difference
I don't use supper; it's dinner
wastepaper basket or just "the trash" or "the garbage"
frontage road
cut the grass and mow the lawn
hand in homework
water or drinking fountain
gaper's block (caused by rubberneckers)
the butt
basement or cellar depending on what they're used for
ogle, but I pronounce it oogle
especially, dammit

American Dialect Survey Results

You can tell I grew up with Midwestern parents, even though I moved around so much :)

(thanks for the link, Russell!)
thoughtful AND amused
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Won't post the results, but it's amazing that so many of the words I would use stem from the first nine years of my life in Idaho, rather than the subsequent 44 years on the east coast, south, southwest and moving around the world in general.

I know! Me, too. I thought that was a very cool survey. Apparently, they're going to be posting another one sometime in the near future.

That is so cool!
Maybe I'll put it on my link page for English here at the library.

I apparently don't fit in very well with my state, even though I lived there for the first 17 years of my life. Thanks for the link, it was interesting . .

and people actually say crayfish????!

I say "crayfish".... :) But otherwise the Illinois dialect seemed to fit me pretty well...

I say crayfish, too, although since becoming friends with several Texans, crawfish comes out once in a while :) I always liked "crawdaddy" although I'd probably never actually use it myself.

we say crawfish or mudbugs down home in louisiana ;D

i've never actually heard someone say *crayfish* lol i always thought it looked funny

Neat site! I've already spent a little too much time reading through it. :)

I'm a crawdad kinda girl (said more like crawdead, really.) We always loved catching them in the creek by my grandparents house. My granny was the smartest person in the world and could tell by looking at our catch if it was a boy or a girl, so we'd be constantly bringing buckets for her to identify. (What do you mean, she made it up? Perish the thought!) I was horrified when I first found out that people actually ATE them, though. :)


Look, a pee can is something you relieve yourself in. a Pecan is a great nut!

Re: Pecans...

so say my Texas friends, but I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. :) Can't stand the nasty little crunchy things myself (the nuts, not the Texans).

Is the cat on your userpic your cat?

Was. She died in quarantine.

Oh, I'm so sorry! :(

Me, too. :( I'll write about it some time, perhaps. She died a week before my father did, 3 weeks before I moved to Sweden. Tough holiday, that was.

I was going to say you were from MI or Ohio because I agreed with every one. I grew up all over also but my influence is Michigan.

Right on the nose :) Born in Detroit, although since I was a military brat, I lived pretty much everywhere else, but called MSU my home for 4.5 years :) Chicago for 10 years after, so the Midwest is my blood and bone. Where are you from in Michigan?

I was born in Detroit but never lived in MI as an adult until I was 30. Now I have lived all over MI...Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Berkley, Royal Oak, Oak Park...

I use to love E. Lansing but Grand River is almost all chain stores compared to 8 or so years ago.... Its sad. Is that happening in Sweden as well?

No, not really. The consumer culture doesn't rule here the same way it does in the States, partly because the sales tax on most things is 25%. Slightly cheaper on books, thank god. It's an EXPENSIVE country to live in, although it's not the worst.

forgot to say I love your new userpic, where is it from?

Thanks! The icon is from this gallery
Their home page URL is not working for me right now. Its by a woman named Alexandra Ethridge. When their url works...just go in and type her name and all her work will come up.

What is this "oogle" nonsense? And if I even _try_ to say "soda" I come off sounding totally ridiculous. :)

whaddaya mean whaddaya mean "oogle"? :) what do you say? POP? I called my dad that once and he just gave me that look like I was teetering on the edge of no college tuition help.

Oogle just sounds so, so...illegal or something. Yes. I have to say pop. I tell ya, I sound like an idiot if I say soda. You don't want me to say soda. I promise.

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