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Since I had almost nothing to do today at work, I spent the majority of the day surfing around LiveJournal, and then looking for beautiful things that I could possibly use in creating some sort of physical :) journal or altered book type-thing. I have so much STUFF lying around, stuffed into drawers, hidden in notebooks and portfolios and boxes, some of it ought to be able to be put to good use. I looked at a bunch of scrapbooking and art supply sites too and discovered that 1) there are a LOT of things out there, 2) I'm coveting a LOT of them, and 3) they cost a LOT of money. :(

My sister, who works at Michael's (that's like Panduro for you Swedes, only on a super-size American scale) called me late in the afternoon, and when I told her about it, she told me to let her know what I want, and she can get it for me with her discount. !! :) Yay, Sarah! Since I can't afford anything, it will have to be very carefully chosen. I'm going into Malmö tomorrow as well, so maybe I can find a Panduro to look around in between the photography studio and IKEA.

Then I wrote this poem, which is lame, but was fun to put together:

paper bliss buttons, skeleton leaves
foil flakes, coastal netting, barkwire
ribbon: salmon mulberry, red deco, tawny blue eyelash
harbor blue raffia, lemon sinamay
opals (frozen), eyelets (groovy), mother of pearl chips
more ribbon: swirling stitches, java weave
dream strings in forest, butter and sunflower
crushed paper in ladybug, pansy, cotton candy
silver lock, pendant frame
alligator clip

tiny gold clasp
tiny gold tassel
tiny gold key

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