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Who was watching over me during vacation?
Left my purse ON THE FLOOR of the pharmacy aisle in one of the million billion Target stores we visited during the past 4 weeks. Didn't discover it was missing until I had finished with pharmacy, noodled through cosmetics, spent ages picking out random greeting cards, strolled through housewares (finally! sheets are in my colors again!) side-stopped in groceries, wandered over to music/books and then had a complete and total heart attack when the fact that my purse was not in the seat of the shopping cart with its strap wrapped around my wrist NOR on my shoulder dawned on me. Raced up to the Guest Services Desk in a stuttering panic: someone had found it and turned it in.

3 weeks later: Took out my wallet at REI to pay for the clothes and shoes my husband and I had picked out on the last day of shopping in the US only to realize that my VISA card was not in its accustomed slot. If I had been in a movie, the wallet would have gone into Xtreme Tight Closeup on the empty slot because that is exactly what my optic nerve & brain did to me. OMFG! Hyperventilated for several minutes trying to remember when I had last used it and finally came to the conclusion that I must have left it in the ATM in (a different) Target the day before. Called Guest Services at the store in question: someone had found it and turned it in.

Thank you, honest people.

The math thing? It's worse
I spent several conversations telling people that my friends Kathey & Russell, who flew up from Dallas to spend several days with us in Chicago, had lived in Sweden for 5 years before moving to Australia for 5 years and then back home to Dallas where they've now been about 5 years. Turns out they only lived in Sweden for 3 years. No wonder that 5 years went so fast!

Kept telling people that we'd been in Sweden for 15 years. It's only been 13. And a half.

Also spent several conversations telling people that we hadn't been back to Chicago since I was pregnant with Karin who turned 11 while we were in the States. After much confusion and backtracking we figured out that we were in Chicago both when I was pregnant with her AND the following year when she was a baby. Only I don't remember it. In fact, I don't remember going to Chicago that second time AT ALL.


I ate everything in sight before and during the trip. Not one person told me how great I was looking, which is understandable, because URGH. Also, *sigh* ...time to get salad-serious-walking again. It's incredibly hard NOT to eat all those things that I never get to eat, or at least only get to eat once a year (twice, if I'm as unrestrained in Boston), if that. On the plus side (haaaa! *snort*), I did stock up on Green Goddess salad dressing so I'm all set to start over.


There is so much to set down, so much to remember, to write about. Chicory and cattails. The way my mom's massage therapist gave my neck a workover. The tears that sprang when I saw my aunt & uncle for the first time in 6 years. My grandmother, who turns 94 shortly. The way my daughter's eyes lit up when she realized one of her birthday presents was a baseball bat. The beach, the rocks, the colors of the waves, the silver streak of light on the horizon after the thunderstorm. The way the thunderstorm moved across the bay toward us, over the water, like the wrath of god. Chasing/watching fireflies, including the one IN the bedroom. Staying up too late talking. Cardinals. Turkey vultures. Airplane chicken at Van Camp's. The 4th of July parade complete with WWII vets, Shriners on mopeds, donkeys in red white & blue, and water-spewing siren-shrieking fire engines.

Things that were too short: only 1 night at my sister's place, only 1 week with my brother, only 3 days in Chicago, time with family, time with friends; in short, the whole trip (also the last 48 hours in which we managed to completely kill mom's Internet while trying to fix it up and make it faster...oops).

Things that were too long: the hot weather front that sat on us forEVER, the 124 minutes of Twilight: Eclipse, the 2 hours and 20 minutes spent sitting in the airplane at the gate before FINALLY departing Atlanta on the 2nd leg of our homeward bound trip today, the amount of time I had to carry the 50 lb suitcase whose pull-handle and wheels finally gave in simultaneously.

I am glad to be home.
mood: tired
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Welcome back Liz! It's fun to have peeks into your fantabulous time, your confused sense of time (who doesn't have a dose of that?), and your stressful losses that came out all right due to honest people! I'm looking forward to more bits of your trip, your life back at home, and whatever you dane to share with we peons of LJ who call you friend.

peons of LJ? Hardly! kindred spirits, more like!

From Megsie

I love that there are honest people out there, both for you and for the rest of humanity. That is the way it should be all the time.

I say you were just rounding when you were talking about all of those years. I mean, 13 is close to 15, right? No harm, no foul.

It sounds like you had a busy and happy trip. I wish we had more fire flies here. I love them. There used to be more when I was little. We used to try to catch them. I remember they were always on the side of our garage. And to have one in your room? That sounds fun too!

Welcome home. I am so glad you and your family had a good reunion!

Re: From Megsie

Haaa! I was totally rounding off! My mom remembers more fireflies, too. The one in the bedroom was hilarious because we were lying there, watching them out the window (I was sharing a bed with my mom, before Anders came, since we had my sister's family and my brother also in the house), and 2 kids on the floor of the bedroom, when suddenly we realized that one of the flashes was on the opposite side of the room from the window! :D

Re: From Megsie

We've been home 4 years, not 5.

;-) ;-)



Thanks for the long and short of your trip. ;-P Glad you visited with your family. Sorry it was not long enough though.

You paint a wonderful "word-photograph" of your trip. :)

You think your memory played tricks on YOU? I was remembering a city I lived in Washington state, looked at it through Google Earth- and thought... where did that river come from?? Of course it has been 20 years since I lived there, but who forgets about a river through town??

One question- did you have to carry Karin's bat home?

Joy here

Was going to make you use your ESP to determine who posted above, but I have decided against testing your brain-waves this soon after your trip! :-P

That was me above! Third comment!

Oh yes! One bat, 2 gloves (one for her father, otherwise who would she have to practice with), and 6 baseballs!

Joy here

HA Fun! The only alternative I was could think of was you'd bought them before you left and gave her card that said her gift was at home. Who gave Karin this gift? Are you still speaking with them? :D just KIDDING!

One year I gave my hree year old nephew a jumping monkey- he was on a elastic string and he made the best monkey sound ever. Well, this year I asked my sister if she remembered that gift. Oh yes. And it is somewhere buried in their basement she reported. And hmmmmm, it did not have a switch to turn it off and they couldn't take out the battery!

But what are aunts for anyway?!

Re: Joy here

I once gave my nephew dinosaur slippers that roared when he stomped! :D *muahahahaaha*

In my book, a vacation that turns out to be way too short, is one that is truly excellent (except for the too-short part, of course) -- glad you had such a good time!

God bless honest and helpful people.

What on earth is "airplane chicken"? Other than the rubbery stuff served (once upon a time) on airplanes?

It was the breast of the chicken with a wing still attached :)

Joy here

HAA I'll have to remember that. I think the non-cook me could even cook that! Clever. :)))

Oh, I missed you Liz. So glad to have you home. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Aw, thanks! I missed everyone :) Have you been posting? I'm still catching up!

No I haven't been posting. I'm kind of flirting with thte idea though.

Woohoo! Welcome home! I'm glad to read that you had a wonderful holiday, albeit too short. c:

Thank you! I am glad to be back and flattered that I was missed :)

Wow, that seemed to sail by! I'm glad you had a great time and hope work won't be too much of a bear to come back to.

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