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I tend to like photos of people and faces better than things and places. My husband and my daughter both take photos of things around them: a flower, an interesting statue, the city skyline, someone's dog; not me. I DO take photos of flowers and trees and such, when I'm out walking or when it's springtime and everything is blowing my mind with its beauty, but usually it's the photos of friends and family that I want to have to remember vacations and trips and happenings by.

My sister's son, Bryce in his summer 'do.

Second cousins once removed: Martin, Karin, Jena, Bryce, Jaron, Meg, Ryane, Quinn, Rachel

Bryce, Karin & Martin sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the 4th of July parade to start. Bryce's mohawk had faded by then and was already wilting in the early morning heat.

All-American Sweetheart

Water Wars! Water balloon fight against Bryce and Tom at Sawmill City

Grandma Linda gets a wish fulfilled: a ride in a hot-air balloon above Navy Pier in Chicago

What we did most on our summer vacation

Martin, Grandma Linda & Karin
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