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A whole week goes by, not even in a flash, and I think about writing but I don't. I read a book, and then another, and I nap, or play a computer game or clean or run errands. I cleaned the fish tank and bought fish. I picked up the kids from the swimming pool. I bought new late-summer flowers for the pots and dead-headed the baby roses. I even went for a couple of walks and I updated my books-to-buy list and my library inventory and I talked to my mom and wrote emails and went to sushi night, but I didn't come home and write about it. It's all in there somewhere. But it's not trying to get out.
mood: disappointed
music: Martin brushing his teeth

Joy here

You are my role model. ;-) I am glad you had such a full week! Me? Well, I had a good week too, kind of boring, kind of exhilarating. Does that make sense? HA Well, it involved getting help and finding out I have a mustard seed worth of hope. Yipee! (Maybe you remember how bad my first semester in Grad school was this year... STILL ongoing... but have help!)

I really need to create another blog! Been meaning to... also want to do a photo blog!

Re: Joy here

Makes total sense. I would like a week like that. I just seem to be mooching along.

Re: Joy here

Mooching along, as in going through the motions or too much to do, and need to relax?

One thing about blogging (and internet, only more so) is it is soooo time-consuming. You sit down for five minutes all suddenly it's been an hour. Maybe you're needing to just be instead of write about it? It'll come when you're ready. :)

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