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A whole week goes by, not even in a flash, and I think about writing but I don't. I read a book, and then another, and I nap, or play a computer game or clean or run errands. I cleaned the fish tank and bought fish. I picked up the kids from the swimming pool. I bought new late-summer flowers for the pots and dead-headed the baby roses. I even went for a couple of walks and I updated my books-to-buy list and my library inventory and I talked to my mom and wrote emails and went to sushi night, but I didn't come home and write about it. It's all in there somewhere. But it's not trying to get out.
mood: disappointed
music: Martin brushing his teeth

From Megsie

For me it is habit. When I did that awful June write every day thing, it started with me staring at a blank screen. For a long time. By the end of the month, I was paying attention to my days differently, keeping a story in my head for later. Not always a good story, mind you, but a story none the less. I was so happy when July happened and the pressure was off. But now, I have that blank screen thing happening again. I am also tired and distracted, which doesn't help. So. There is your excuse. Right? I am just so glad you're back. Even if you write one sentence that is good enough for me. I love your words! xo

Re: From Megsie

You're's totally habit. And it's so easy to get out of, when I'm on vacation and don't have an internet connection. It's REALLY hard to get started again.

Re: From Megsie

I totally agree with Megsie. After vacation I got so wrapped up in the idea of "backdating" a billion entries to catch everyone up to what I was doing that the act of blogging became overwhelming. So I just didn't bother.
Now I miss it, and I'm just plunging back in when I have time, and it's fun again! You'll find your groove!
p.s. Barky misses you

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