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Pulse and passion, verdant parks and sweltering sidewalks, every restaurant a delight, every face a smiling or interesting one. This place is in my blood, in my bones, in my dreams. Turning to my husband, the sun beating down on our heads, the buzz and thrum of Navy Pier behind us and the blue of the lake stretching out as far as the eye can see: blue blue blue with white dots of sails, of clouds, of whitecaps, and saying, "Can't we move back? Don't you want to move back?" I do. O! I do.

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I'm such an instigator: MOVE BACK, MOVE BACK!

Wait... no... I want you to stay there so we can come visit!!
These shots are stunning.

Hahaha! We're staying. As much as I love it there, it wouldn't be the same if we did move back. Besides, we have it so good here!

From Megsie

Stunning. Is that Chicago? It is so beautiful. It is a shame I live so close to the windy city and I have never been there. We need to take a trip! Thank you for sharing. You rocked it today! Now, what will I photograph?

Re: From Megsie

It is Chicago, most wonderful city on Earth! If you live close and you haven't been, you are cheating yourself. Go go go!!

The title alone was enough to get Chicago stuck in my head!

Chicago is hard to get unstuck from :)

And so the rest of the conversation? What did Anders say?

Sushi tomorrow yes? I need to pick up something at the Telia store down the street from our sushi place - will you need to hurry back to the office?

Yes, tomorrow! and no I don't have to rush back. VERY quiet at the office :)

I love Chicago!

It's wonderful, I agree!

I had a great time during my very short, and very businessy stay there. One night we had drinks on a rooftop bar with other skyscrapers all around us. It was a great view back on to the city (away from the lake) and our hotel was close enough to the Navy Pier and lake for evening walking enjoyment.

I would say, do it! But the practical side of me thinks about the logistics of moving across the ocean and navigating transferring kids to new schools and, hmm, winter. It can't be called the windy city for nothing. Maybe it's better to keep coming back in the summer and just having fun there.

I agree...even if I would love to live there again, I don't think we will find ourselves MOVING there anytime soon. We both have really good jobs that we love, in Sweden, and neither of them would transfer easily to Chicago right now.

I like Chicago, too. I'm glad you had a great visit!

It was awesome! I love that city!

You know, I've never been to Chicago. Would love to go, but have just never been.

Any chance you will be visiting the Milennium Park / Lurie Garden? Well worth visiting from what I've read. If you go, pictures please!

We didn't make it there. We had good intentions but the day got away from us :(

"The day". Well, yeah, just one day would surely not be enough.

Gorgeous shots, Liz! Did you take them from the hot air balloon? It looks like you had a wonderful, if too-short, vacation; I loved the pictures of your kiddos and mom laughing together, and you've got me looking forward to the day when my girls are old enough (and tall enough!) to play all those car games. Right now, we amuse them with coloring books, new music, and a tiny laptop hooked up to the car charger, but the whole interactive thing your family does sounds like much more fun!

Anders took the photos. They were both from the Skydeck in the Hancock building. He took some great ones from the hot air balloon as well :)

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