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Martin's eyes squinch up when he smiles so that they nearly disappear; mine do the same thing. I must have taken a dozen shots of them from one side and the other and I couldn't get any of him with his eyes open and smiling simultaneously. This is the summer when Martin suddenly shot up and caught up to me in height; he'll have passed me before the equinox. This is the summer when my feet became the smallest in the family. The summer when Martin's voice dropped an octave and Karin started putting her hair up with barrettes and ponytails. The summer before I become the actual mother of a teenager; even though I've had some practice as Karin has been in training since she was born but she still has a couple of years to go.

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Beautiful kids in every way there is! They look so much like you!


So funny that everyone says that! I think Martin does, but I rarely think Karin does, but then I look at them in a photo and they look like twins!

From Megsie

Oh, you have beautiful children. I LOVE these pictures!

(You are totally doing the August Breaky thing you know, there are no rules.)

I can't imagine having a teenager, it seems so far off, but if the past is any sort of teacher, I know better. The years fly by, even if the days are slow.

How are you doing, back in the Sweden swing now, or still trying to get back into it?

Re: From Megsie

Mostly back in the Sweden swing, though we're still not back to regular routine and things are so quiet at work still (all of Sweden is still on vacation) that I am feeling quite relaxed.

Pure beauty that.

They are the most beautiful things in my life :)


This broke my heart in a mild (and not bad) way. Something about Karin's smile, the way it looks so much like you (even though I have only a few hours of experience, I know your expressions somehow) and I can see where they're both going. Good places, but different.

Isn't that funny how we see our friends in the faces of their children?

I have the same problem! When I'm smiling, you could blind me with dental floss.

They're cute little munchkins, though, that's for sure!! :D

I kept telling him to open his eyes, and the photos where he tried are hilariously bad!

Great photos!! You have such beautiful kiddos :)

Thank you! I think they're pretty darn gorgeous, too, if I do say so myself. ;)

So big and beautiful! And look, ma! No need for braces!

Haha! Nope! *sigh of relief* ...Karin had a retainer for about a year to stop an underbite but so far that's it. :)


Hey - great pictures!
I still need to send you the ones I took.
I love the 1rst one - good pose.
Aren´t you happy Mom is back online and can see them?
(still snailspeed... thanks for helping...hehe)


Re: Pics...

I hope you WILL send the ones you took, and YES, I am glad that mom is back online, but bummed that the wireless didn't work again! :(

oh oh oh. Your kids. SO BEAUTIFUL.

Willow (of Budding Scholar) is here right now and we were talking about you: how we both adore the kind of mother that you are. How your family is family centered without being overly kid centered; how your kids are encouraged, supported, nurtured by you in such a positive but not overly involved way. (I hope desperately that someone will say the same things about me by the time my kiddos are K & M's ages...)

OH! Say hello to Willow for me! I hope I get to meet her someday too! :)

And you FLATTER ME, totally. Apparently, I've got you all snowed. :P

I love these shots. Great color, great faces.
How well do they get along? It seems to me that there are no two identical sibling relationships, and that fascinates me.

They get along amazingly well, considering how very different their personalities are. Though we have entered the drama years already :)


These photos of Karin and Martin make me a little sad, too. It's because they're so BIG now. Karin was still quite small when I started reading you - maybe 5? So it just seems impossible that they're growing up. I never want anyone to grow up. And Karin is seriously blowing me away - she's really coming into her feminine side, isn't she? I know she's always been tough and a bit of tomboy (which, hooray!! for something besides a pink princess dress) but it's interesting to see the change, the path of womanhood ahead of her.

:) Sam

I know what you mean. It's a continual shock some days...she's no child anymore. I started writing this blog in 2003; she was 4 and you were one of the first blog friends I made :)

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