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Despite being late in the summer, things are still blooming around here, both inside and outside. I have pelargoniums in the pots outside, most of them extravagantly fuchsia, some red, and the roses keep popping up and blowing open with beauty. The lavender is almost done but the bees don't seem to have gotten the message. We don't have a lot of flowering plants otherwise in our yard/garden...mostly I subscribe to greenery that comes back every year and except for the lungwort and the stonecrop I haven't had a lot of luck with flowering perennials. I fill the pots in early spring with pansies and again in early summer with the brightest blooms I can find and leave it at that.

Even inside, I tend toward succulents and philodendrons as those are the types of plants that seem to thrive in my lackadaisical care. All the potted plants in my house get a bit of water every Sunday, though sometimes I'll deliberately skip a week. If they can't handle that schedule, they die and out they go. I wince when people gift me with orchids and fancy stuff that requires frequent watering or any sort of extra attention. I know what a waste of money it was, though I DO enjoy them while they last; it's just never long.

This is some kind of's apparently a sort of cactus/succulenty plant and it has a single huge pale pink flower sticking up with tiny little mini-buds inside. The petals are stiff and sharp and feel like thick cardstock. First it only had the purple mini-buds but recently the bright pink ones showed up, too.

A potted azalea in the front kitchen window. I couldn't resist the amazing color bomb of its blooms!

This one hangs in the dining room window and blooms constantly; in Swedish it's called a "porslinsblomma", literallyr Porcelain Flower. It's a Hoya carnosa or Wax plant in English. It has 4 long branches of leaves that hang down and there are ALWAYS clusters of flowers coming and going on it. I love the waxy pinkness of them. They're pretty when they open, too, and look completely different then.

One of the 4 baby rosebushes we planted early thisi spring. Two of them are rich pinky red and two are pale pale pink. They've been going like gangbusters with constant new blooms all summer.

These are photos of the latest rosebush I bought and planted in the front garden. I bought it because I LOVE the color. It reminds me of the color of the flowers we had at our wedding.

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From Megsie

What beautiful flowers! I love your succulent that has the huge flower! So cool. And the waxy flowers too. But your roses. Ahhhh. I love them. I love, love, love them. And how perfect to have the prettiest ones remind you of your wedding. I just wish I could smell them from here.

Re: From Megsie

I was never a big fan of roses until I discovered they came in peach and yellow and shades inbetween. *love*!

These are beautiful -- although there's something vaguely alien about that wax plant! ;-)

I agree! It's rather spooky!

Wow, that first one is quite the exotic flower.


Just beautiful! The first one- I'm so glad I've actually seen it in person,I love it's form. Your wedding rose is likewise gorgeous - although I remember those as being less pink. Love, Lizardmom

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