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So, THAT was a good birthday! Woken to roses, singing, hugs and presents: everything I wished for and then some! Martin got me a silver book bead for my Pandora bracelet. Karin gave me the latest Katie Melua CD, and together they gave me an ACTUAL box of rocks, which cracked me up completely because whenever one of the kids EVER, in all their lives, asks what they're getting for their birthday/christmas/gift-receiving-holiday, the answer I invariably give them is "a box of rocks." They even made the box themselves! My kids are great. And Anders? Even greater. He took my totally-throwing-it-out-there wish for an iPhone and actually came through with one. Gobsmacked! AND he gave me the most stylish bike helmet in the world, so now I have one less excuse for not riding my bike! AND I got a raise! And a million bazillion happy birthday notes from everyone I KNOW (and I know a lot of people!) and more singing on the phone from family and friends. And then I did a happy mail dance because my mom sent me four books for my birthday AND I got the Squam Art Workshops journal as well (O!!!) And THEN Anders cooked the most delicious dinner ever: baked salmon with spinach and cream and parmesan, and new potatoes and a salad (red romaine & more spinach). YUMMO. And now I'm going to go play with my iPhone (and yes, Sam, I kissed it)!

I should totally turn 29 more often.
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Happy Happy Happy Birthday Liz!!!


Happy Birthday to my Favorite Seester in the whole wide world!!!!! We just arrived home from Lizard Mom's and I am beat. Love from your Seester, brother in law and nephew and niece who just passed out asleep and so will not sing you Happy Birthday!!!

From Megsie

Oh, Happy Birthday! It sounds like the *perfect* day. I LOVE the box of ROCKS--HA! (And, I totally would have kissed the iphone too!)

Joy here

Awwwwwwe sweeeeeet! :D

Happpy Happpy Birthday! 8)

one for the record books!

nothing could make me happier than to read of such joy and such an abundance of love and perfect prezzies to one of THE most thoughtful, generous and fabulous human beings on the planet!!! oh happy day!

you are LOVED, baby!

bisous, bp


Happy Birthday! Sure sounds like your family totally outdid themselves with the perfect gifts and your favorite chef's delicious sounding dinner!
Makes me smack my lips too! Delighted the postal service came through on time. Talk with you soon - Love, Lizardmom

A belated happy birthday!

29 is great!!! I love it every year! Happiest of Birthdays and hope you have an excellent year.

Sounds perfect! I LOVE the box of rocks. What a riot!


What a well-deserved fabulous day! Belated happy birthday from me! Hurra hurra hurra hurra!



That sounds like one mighty birthday! Happy birthday to you and may this next year continue as it started...with roses, singing, hugs and presents.


Sounds wonderful! Happy Birthday again!!





A late happy birthday and congratulations on having such an awesome family as well! :)


That sounds like a totally awesome birthday! In fact, it might just be the awesomest birthday ever. The bar has been set pretty high - a raise on your birthday, and an iPhone - and no one deserves a sweeter birthday than YOU! And of course you kissed it! Sweet iPhones, they need the love because they are so much fun.

:) Sam

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