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I've always been a collector, especially of small things. I've had shadowboxes to corral them in since I was a girl. Other than being wee, there wasn't always a unifying theme to the things I collected, though small animal figurines keep showing up in every grouping. Some of them were outgrown as I got tired of them or lost interest: the dogs I adored as a child, the cow-themed things I had for awhile after college, the thankfully short pink flamingo phase. The only real collection in my house that is worthy of the name is in the moose bathroom, but I really don't LOOk for them myself. They just tend to come to me. And I don't buy every single one in sight: they have to speak to me somehow; they have to be special.

During the pink flamingo phase, someone gave me a glass swizzle stick with a pink flamingo atop it. Since I don't drink, swizzle sticks aren't something I come across often or use, ever. But this one stuck around, and after awhile he acquired some companions. I've always had a soft spot for glass animals. My little glass feathered friends sit in a glass jar in a cupboard in the kitchen and once in a while I remember they are there and take them out and admire their miniature cleverness and detail. Every now and then, I'll run across a bird I haven't seen before and the aviary on posts will grow by one more.

How many items does it take to make a collection? Three? Five? Nine? There are 10 of them now, since that first winged species-on-a-stick came into my possession in the early 80s: a toucan, a blue cockatoo, a whooping crane, a seagull, a parrot, swan twins in black & white plus a coscoroba swan, a canary, an unidentified white bird with a big red beak and the pink flamingo that started it all.

Feels Good to Know: Sweden is the 3rd Best Country to Live in

*Title from a quote by Aesop
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From Megsie

Now, Liz, you are doing better at the August Break than I am! Finding new fresh things to photograph, and your photos are wonderful! It's the iphone isn't it? Dang! I want one SO BAD! Love your birdie collection! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

haha! You're posting more often though! I don't seem to be able to get off my duff that much. And you should TOTALLY get the iPhone: I'm a convert now! :)

You had to ask the question about how many makes a collection! As far as I could google it right now without much time, a collection is defined as several items.... And several is defined as three or more, but not many! Hmm...
What does a collection become when the several becomes many?

It becomes an episode on Hoarders :P


Now I'm intrigued to know the history behind these glass-topped swizzle sticks. Era? What were some of the other items which topped them? Hmmmm...a new avenue to explore!

No clue on era for any of them. I think I found one or two in antique store/markets but most of them were just random finds. I have seen other animals in glass-swizzle-sticks, but since I was only interested in birds, I ignored them (until/unless I find a MOOSE one!)


I say you've got an adorable collection going on! (And I love Mayor of Simpleton.)


XTC is a fave :)

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